Behavior Based Safety Observations

Easily collect, collate & report behavior based safety (BBS) observations, identify issues, share commendations and track areas for improvement.


Used by hundreds of thousands to conduct millions of audits, inspections & observations annually!

Why people choose Certainty

Works the way your business does

Easily collect observations from all locations. Laptop, phone, tablet – online or offline & even paper-only environments.

A single view of your entire organization

Manage behavior based observations, issues, & corrective actions all in one place.

Learn faster & respond quicker

Capture & report observations results in real time.

Capture & report behavior based observations in real time

Easily create, edit & distribute BBS observation forms. Ensure safety is measured against the same standards across your business.

Easily find the trouble spots

Quickly identify key issues & trends at one location or across the globe. Spend time improving safety, not managing data.

All you need to track, measure & manage safety observations across your business

Multiple data entry options

Collect behavior based safety data with the Certainty app, browser, Excel® & even paper using scan-to-email.

Dashboard reports, metrics & notifications

Dashboard metrics, automated notifications & corrective actions to ensure that all safety issues, risks & non compliances identified are managed easily, efficiently & to resolution.

Instantly report safety observation & results

Dashboards, reports & metrics to track all safety observations to monitor results in real time.

Checklist management for consistency & comparability

Easily manage the creation, editing & distribution of BBS observations to ensure safety is measured against the same procedures & standards across your business.

Reporting tools to prioritize your safety improvement efforts

Dashboards & metrics that highlight key risks, issues & trends to  prioritize compliance management & safety improvement initiatives.

What our clients use Certainty for:

Behavior Based Safety Observations
Health & Safety Inspection
Competency Assessments
Continuous Improvement Benchmarks
COVID Preparedness Checklists
COVID Sanitation Audits
COVID Store Re-opening Checklists
Daily Facility Inspections
Emergency Response Planning Inspections
Equipment Inspections
Food Safety Inspections
GMP Audits
GMP Health & Safety Inspections
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Inspections
HACCP Audits
Housekeeping Checklists
Hygiene Inspections
Incident Report Forms
Incident Investigations
ISO 14001 Audits
ISO 45001 Audits
Issue Monitoring Questionnaires
Joint Health & Safety Committee Store Inspections
Machine & Equipment Inspections
OHSAS 18001 Audits
Process Safety Inspections
Quick Risk Predictions (QRPs)
Risk Assessments
Risk / Incident Identification Reports
Safety Inspections
Store Closure Checklists
Store Opening Checklists
Store Safety Check Ups
Supplier Compliance Audits
Temperature Control Record Sheets
Third Party Logistics Audits
Weekly Production Scale Calibrations

What people are saying ...


Certainty Software can be easily, and rapidly configured and deployed, coupled with it’s ability to operate across multiple mediums (mobile, pc and hardcopy) the software allows for maximum flexibility in a manufacturing setting where technology skills can vary broad. For checklist and inspection style work I have found certainty to be the most flexible and easy to deploy.Constellation Brands

Matt McGinness, VP EHS
Constellation Brands

Certainty was easy to configure with the help of the staff. The feedback from the end users was great. Easy to use and great features they previously did not have access to when completing an inspection. From an admin standpoint it is easy to assist and set up users. The analytics of the software are beneficial for future focuses and initiatives for health and safety in the organization.

Marija Velletri, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Specialist

“Cost, ease of use, and a sense that the team at Certainty are on your team are the main reasons, I have recommended Certainty to my peers.”Georgia Pacific

Tonya Nix, Safety Manager Gurdon Plywood
Georgia Pacific

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