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3 Customer Satisfaction Metrics to Improve Customer Loyalty

In a recent article from Deloitte, they found that businesses that offer a high-quality customer experience can in fact lower the cost of serving customers by up to 33%. With competition growing rampantly across the business landscape, customer loyalty has grown in importance. The Customer Satisfaction Assessment helps to address customer needs and strengthen the […]

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GRI Standards Collection and Reporting — What it is and Why it Matters

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts have gone mainstream. According to a recent PWC report, almost 80 percent of investors surveyed said that ESG was “an important factor in their decision-making”, and 50 percent said they would be willing to divest from companies that didn’t effectively implement ESG policies. Despite this increasing commitment to ESG, […]

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The Supplier Compliance Audit: What it is (and Why You Need One)

Supply chain issues aren’t going anywhere. According to research firm McKinsey, 2022 comes with three key concerns: Labor shortages, equipment availability, and the “ripple effect” of continuing global bottlenecks. For organizations, this landscape creates a dual challenge — not only do they need to ensure the reliability and stability of supply chains but must also […]

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Targeting Total Quality: How a Total Quality Management Audit can Help

Companies lose between 20 and 30 percent of their revenue each year to process inefficiencies. For manufacturing firms, this loss of revenue is often tied to production line processes that are inconsistent, time-consuming, or error-prone, in turn reducing overall performance and impacting potential profit. An internal Total Quality Management Audit, also known as a TQM […]

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Longo’s Wins RCC’s 2022 Excellence in Retailing Award

Did you hear? Valued Certainty customer Longo’s was recently awarded the Retail Council of Canada’s (RCC) 2022 Excellence in Retailing Award in the category of Health, Safety and Wellness for Digital Injury Prevention! We’d like to congratulate the Longo’s team for their dedication to improving their injury prevention efforts and overall safety culture success. Their […]

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4 Steps to Perform a Workplace Safety Inspection

More than ever, today’s workforce is reflecting on their current working situation and is considering finding new work – over 40% of American workers in 2021 considered leaving their current jobs. Workplace safety is a large driving force in these decisions as injuries have maintained an annual consistency of about 2.7 million reported incidents in […]

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The Four Phases of Continuous Improvement Assessment — and What They Mean for Your Business

There’s always room for improvement. That’s the idea behind continuous improvement assessment frameworks, which can help organizations identify opportunities for improvement and take effective action. This is a key priority for manufacturing organizations, which continue to experience post-pandemic supply chain challenges — as noted by Bloomberg, the average lead time for materials reached a record-breaking […]

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Keeping Quality High: The Benefits of a Layered Process Audit

Manufacturers in the United States employ more than 8.5 percent of the total workforce and account for over 10 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).  As the scale of manufacturing ramps up, however, so does regulatory oversight to ensure that products produced meet standards such as the ISO 2859-1 acceptance quality limit (AQL). […]

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Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment

What is a Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment and How to Perform One

Global supply chain management has grown exceedingly difficult within the last decade and has been amplified by the effects of the Pandemic. The Institute for Supply Management reports that the manufacturing industry’s Backlog of Orders Index hit a record high of 71% in May 2021. This is largely due to increased lead times and product […]

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