Certainty is used to conduct audits and inspections, identify and resolve issues and report progress and analytics across your business.

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You can’t fix what you can’t see

Certainty is a mobile app and web platform that allows your team to easily complete audits and inspections in the field – on or offline – and include photos, images and documents to provide insight and info on what’s happening across your business.

Certainty clients include:

Company-wide analytics at your fingertips

Certainty’s web platform provides business intelligence and data analytics dashboards to report risk, performance and compliance data across your entire company. Report by audit, inspection, user, location, question, answer and roll up your data to meet the reporting needs of your teams, departments and business.

Create your own checklists or use ours

With Certainty you can create your own forms to meet your needs. Safety inspections, quality control inspections, supply chain compliance assessments, you decide – or use one of ours to hit the ground running.

Ensure consistent data collection across your business

Assign inspections by site, region, country, user or department to ensure your teams are collecting the same inspection data company-wide and allow for consistency and comparability in your risk, compliance and performance reporting.

Create and assign actions to fix the issues identified

Capture issues in the field, add photos, images and documents to explain what needs to be fixed and then assign corrective actions all while completing your inspection – on-the-fly.

Workflows, schedules and notifications to ensure inspections and corrective actions are completed on time, every time

Configurable checklists and action workflows; audit and inspection schedules and automated notifications to make sure your team completes critical tasks when needed.

Intelligent forms to meet the needs of a complex work environment

Certainty’s checklist builder has a range of features to make your forms smarter and easier to use in the field. From conditional logic, GPS location services or bar code scanning, make your inspection forms do the work for you.

Data integration and custom reporting to meet your company’s needs

From single sign on (SSO), OData connections and PowerBI business analytics, Certainty has all the enterprise level tools you need to access, integrate and report your risk, compliance and performance data.

What our customers are saying

  • “The entire system is so easy to use and has so much flexibility designed into it, its practically turn-key”.Nate Wortz: IT Business Relationship Manager to EHS – Kellogg

  • "Certainty Software made the process of turning our check-sheets electronic into a personal service. They helped us get it right and are going the extra mile for us. Look forward to making more of our standard check-sheets digital".Karyn Beattie, GM Health and Safety, Fonterra Brands New Zealand.

  • “We are an ISO 9001 certified and Certainty Software works perfectly for our quality control audits. Better yet, you guys have been fantastic to work with. If I need anything, I can pick up the phone and get in touch in short order”.Jason Zimmerman, Safety Coordinator – Vaughn Industries.

  • "Certainty Software is so flexible. We use it for BBS observations, near miss reporting and even quick risk prediction reporting. It really is a great tool".Dominick Chorley, EHS Lead – Mondelez International

  •  “All of our users have commented on how easy Certainty Software is to use and we love the fact that checklists can be filled out by mobile device and desk top computer”.Jake Minsinge -Corporate Safety Manager – Utz Quality Foods

  • “The more I use it the better I like it!”. Steve Mellard, National Safety Director – Anson Industries

  • "Great Value, Great Support".Jason Zimmerman, Safety Coordinator, Vaughn Industries LLC

  • “Certainty Software has changed the way we look at checklist related improvement activities. We have loved the software's amazing progress since starting this journey”.Nathan Wortz, IT Business Relationship Manager to EHS, Kellogg

  • “Excellent Product - very simple to use!”.Elise Brewer, HSE Director, Hugg and Hall Equipment

Improve performance - with Certainty!

Certainty is a powerful and trusted enterprise-level audit and inspection software solution to manage and report business risk, compliance and performance metrics easily and efficiently.