ESG Reporting Software

Collect, report, and manage ESG data with Certainty’s enterprise-level ESG reporting software

Collect accurate, consistent, and comparable ESG data

Browser, mobile app, online or offline – ESG data collection wherever you need. Give your team the ESG reporting software tools they want to easily collect consistent, comparable ESG data across your stakeholders, business, and supply chain.

ESG Reporting Software
ESG Reporting Software

Identify and resolve issues on-the-fly

Ensure ESG materiality issues identified are managed effectively by creating and delegating actions during your ESG and materiality assessments. Highlight good practices, document regulatory compliance issues, and provide supporting evidence with photos, images, documents, and files.

Report consistent, comparable, and accurate ESG data across your business

Dashboards, analytics, and Microsoft PowerBI business intelligence metrics provide a consistent, comparable view of your business and stakeholders in real-time. Filter, sort, and even export your data to meet your reporting framework needs.

ESG Reporting Software

An enterprise-level platform to meet your sustainability management needs

Certainty is a secure, flexible, and scalable ESG data collection, management, and reporting solution. Multilingual, configurable user access privileges, Single Sign On (SSO), custom reporting, data integration, OData feeds – all the features to meet the sustainability management and reporting processes of global, multilingual, and complex businesses.

Used by hundreds of thousands to easily complete millions of accurate audits and assessments annually.

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Additional Features

Add photos, images
& documents

ESG Assessments across your business

Design your own ESG forms or use ours

Track risks and issues across business

Identify and resolve ESG risks by creating and delegating actions in your ESG assessments

Ensure the environmental, social, and governance risks and regulatory compliance issues identified during your ESG and materiality assessments are resolved by creating and delegating actions during your assessments.

Add photos, images and documents to your assessments and corrective actions

Share good practices, document material factors, and provide supporting evidence by including photos, images, documents, and files in your ESG assessment reports and follow-up actions.

Schedule ESG assessments across your business and supply chain

From your own ESG assessments to supplier third-party CSR assessments, schedule audits and assessments by region, supplier, or by team member and at a frequency to meet your needs. In-app notification and reminders ensure your team’s assessments are done when needed.

Configure checklist and action workflows to meet the needs of your business

Use single-step checklist forms and actions or configure multi-step workflows that allow multiple team members – and stakeholders – to collaborate in assessments and follow-up actions.

Easily deploy and scale across your entire business and supply chain

Certainty is a web-based platform that streamlines deployment and scaling of your sustainability data collection and ESG performance reporting whether that’s across your business or throughout your supply chain.

Design your own ESG forms or use ours

Get started quickly with our ESG checklist or create your own to meet the ESG frameworks you report to. With Certainty, there is a library of forms and templates to use, or you can create your own to match your own ESG initiatives.

Create intelligent forms to meet the needs of your business

With Certainty, you can create as many forms as you need and include a range of features to make your forms optimize the way you work. Conditional questions, repeatable questions, bar-and QR code scanning, and GPS location services – meet the needs of even the most complex ESG assessments and supplier audits.

Track risks and issues across your business and supply chain in real-time

Easily track, manage, and resolve risk, materiality, and compliance issues identified across your entire business, supply chain, and stakeholder community.

Organize your team, stakeholders, and reports to meet the needs of your business

Provide your team and stakeholders with the access they need. Configurable user access and privileges allow you to configure Certainty to match the way your business works with its stakeholders.

Stay informed with automated notifications, escalations, and actions

Automate the process and keep your executives, team, and stakeholders informed with rule-based notifications, escalations, and actions triggered by the results of your ESG assessments.

Certainty is used for a wide range of ESG audits and assessments including:

ESG Assessment

Fonterra Brands

Fonterra is a global, co-operatively-owned dairy products exporter with its roots firmly planted in New Zealand. They use Certainty to record and manage employee safety and performance observations.

Ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve performance