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Facility Safety Inspection Checklist

What is a Facility Safety Inspection Checklist?

Certainty Software’s Facility Safety Inspection Checklist is used to assess the safety conditions of work areas in a manufacturing facility setting and to prevent workplace incidents, injuries, and illnesses. During monthly or otherwise regular safety inspections, supervisors can easily implement this checklist template to boost safety inspection performance and efficiency. With this checklist, you’ll have enough information necessary for making corrective action decisions, and assessing the performance of these corrective actions once implemented.

Download the Facility Safety Inspection Checklist

What the Checklist Includes

This 129-question checklist supports businesses that perform in-depth safety inspections of their manufacturing facilities. Covered in the checklist template include some of the following:

General Housekeeping

  • Procedures
  • Office space cleanliness
  • Hygiene product supply
  • Pallet obstruction

Walking-Working Surfaces

  • Guardrails
  • Stairways

Emergency Action

  • Emergency exits
  • Emergency lighting
  • First aid kits

Fire Prevention

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flammable and combustible materials

Confined Spaces

  • Procedures and signage
  • Safety equipment

Chemical Handling

  • MSDS

And much more.

Facility Safety Inspection Checklist template

How Certainty Improves Facility Safety Inspections

Using Certainty Software, performing facility safety inspections becomes easier and generates better actionable information. Whether using our checklist templates or creating your own unique forms, Certainty gives its users the freedom and customizability to support every company’s unique inspection and auditing needs.

Reporting checklist findings at an enterprise-wide level can be filtered to your needs by options such as inspection type, users, site, region, question, or answer. Within your configurable dashboard, you can track issues identified, set up automated notifications and actions, and so much more.

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