Supplier Sustainability & Due Diligence

Ensure you have the tools needed to conduct supplier sustainability due diligence and meet the growing requirements to report sustainability performance across your entire supply chain – globally.

The Challenge

Global corporations now need to ensure the sustainability of their suppliers by conducting due diligence across their supply chains – globally.

With new and far-reaching supply chain sustainability regulations such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive taking effect, many multinational businesses are frantically working to assess the social, ethical, and environmental performance of their suppliers – globally. Failure to conduct this sustainability due diligence could result in considerable fines, supply chain disruptions, and reputational damage. Many of the businesses impacted by these new regulations, however, are struggling to meet these due diligence requirements. Compliance will require a complete understanding of who your suppliers are – including tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 suppliers; an assessment of the social, ethical, and environmental performance of your suppliers; and being able to report the results of your supplier sustainability due diligence efforts.

The Solution

Easily set up supplier due diligence self-assessments and audits to track social, ethical, and environmental performance throughout your supply chain. Report your sustainability due diligence results across your entire supply chain in real-time.

“Discovering the complete makeup of our vast supplier network – how can we accomplish this?”

With the implementation of regulations like the EU CSDD Directive, businesses will soon be required to conduct thorough sustainability due diligence on not only their most immediate suppliers but also their tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers. This task may appear impossible for large-scale enterprises with extensive supplier networks but with Certainty, the seemingly unattainable becomes effortlessly manageable.

“With Certainty, we can create multilingual checklists with translations (one checklist in several different languages).”

– Matthias Jäger, Quality Engineer, Brose

“How can we determine if our suppliers comply with sustainability regulations?”

Easily create supplier self-assessment and audit checklists to cover all your social, environmental, and ethical data collection requirements.

Build these checklists from scratch or start with our ready-to-use sustainability due diligence checklists which offer a wide range of question-and-answer formats to gather the precise information required for compliance.

“With Certainty’s user-friendly interface, we can create custom checklists to allow users to input data from remote sites and see live results online upon completion. Our audit program has grown and improved with the help of Certainty.”

– Alexis Halenda, Quality Project Auditor/Field Advisor at Strike Group

“How can we ensure the ongoing sustainability performance of our suppliers?”

Achieve and maintain supplier compliance effortlessly with Certainty’s audit scheduling feature. Easily schedule and report supplier audits and self-assessments for both one-time and recurring audits and assessments. Delegate scheduled events to designated users or teams at each supplier and streamline the self-assessment process by providing your suppliers with access to conduct self-assessments easily with the Certainty app.

“The data security Certainty offered was a key consideration, along with their flexibility to adapt the system to meet our needs”

– Kiran Venkitesh, Platforms Manager, Supply Chain & Product Assurance, DNV

“What steps can we take to promptly address non-compliances identified in our supplier’s self-assessments?”

When your suppliers are non-compliant, you must ensure they take action to resolve the issues identified. Stay informed with our notifications to alert you the moment a supplier assessment includes non-compliances – and just as swiftly – define and delegate the corrective actions needed to ensure the resolution of issues identified across your supply chain.

“The ability of notifications is extremely useful to immediately alert senior management in high-risk situations to resolve any concerns quickly.”

– Daniel Girardi, Continuous Improvement Analyst, Longo’s

Prove your due diligence efforts with in-depth reporting.

Certainty has a wide range of reporting and dashboard tools to report due diligence data across your entire supply chain.

With real-time reporting tools such as our Corporate Performance Dashboard, system reports, business intelligence & analytics dashboards, and custom reporting, you can easily demonstrate your due diligence results, across your entire supply chain and in real-time.

“Certainty is appreciated by our supervisors because it is user-friendly and it saves them reporting time. Certainty allows us to easily customize our inspection forms and integrate our old paper forms.”

– Simon-Pierre Lessard, Director of Quality/Compliance & Environment – St Johns, Packaging

The Features

Features to strengthen and maintain your global and enterprise-level supplier due diligence efforts.


  • Truly multilingual answer options that include text, radio buttons, drop-downs, checkboxes, a date picker, a signature, a star rating, bar & QR code readers, GPS locations, and more…
  • Conditional and repeatable questions to automate and standardize your supplier due diligence
  • Fill out your forms with photos, graphics, and documents for greater detail and insight
  • Allow input assessment data both online and offline
  • App access through major app platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)


  • Track issues identified in your supplier due diligence audits
  • Extensive and detailed audit reporting by inspection, user, site, region, question, and answer
  • Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Configure your dashboard to deliver optimal viewpoints of specific or all sites, users, etc.
  • Filterable system reporting
  • Report data analysis and analysis online, or export to PDF, Excel, or CSV formats.
  • Create customized reporting


  • Automated notifications, escalations, and actions
  • Centralized action delegation
  • Configure your action workflows
  • Customizable sites, organization structures, and site groups
  • Change history logs for the entire system
  • Implement and delegate your custom actions

Used by hundreds of thousands to easily complete millions of accurate audits and inspections annually.

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