Facility Safety Inspections

Improve facility safety with Certainty by utilizing the incredible capabilities of real-time data tracking, effortless task assignment, and detailed reporting.

The Challenge

Balancing regulatory compliance, hazard identification, and worker engagement in facility safety inspections.

Finding balance is essential when it comes to facility safety inspections. On the one hand, to adhere to legal requirements, organizations must follow tight regulations. At the same time, they must dig deeper into hazard detection, uncovering any potential hidden dangers beyond regulatory obligations. But true safety doesn’t just come from checking boxes; it comes from involving employees and empowering them to actively safeguard their workplace.

The Solution

Equip your team with the ultimate audit and inspection solution that empowers a proactive stance towards facility safety, without compromising on strict safety regulations and internal safety goals.

Design customized facility safety inspection forms according to your specific requirements

Create personalized forms for your facilities, taking into account the compliance obligations of regulatory bodies such as OSHA, EU-OSHA, ILO, and others. Are there specific safety inspection requirements for certain facilities? Customize your forms to capture all the essential data without any omissions. Or, use our library of already made safety inspection forms.

“With Certainty, we are able to create multilingual checklists with translations (one checklist in several different languages).”

– Matthias Jäger, Quality Engineer, Brose

Collect facility safety inspection data in the most streamlined and effective way possible

Maximize the power of safety compliance communication among your frontline staff and supervisors, both online and offline, with our wide array of answer choices. Our comprehensive selection offers multiple ways to input data, allowing your team to effortlessly submit facility documentation, photos, and files required by regulatory organizations. With a library of answer options available, make sure your team is heard and understood during facility safety inspections.

“Certainty allows us to easily customize our inspection forms and integrate our old paper forms. The translation module is quite useful since we have users speaking French, English, and Spanish.”

– Simon-Pierre Lessard, Director of Quality/Compliance & Environment, St Johns, Packaging

Sustain the success of your facility safety inspection management

Ensure your staff stays actively involved in both current and future facility safety management through the use of automated scheduling, reminders, and assignment features. Guarantee that your facility safety inspections are completed on time, meeting both internal deadlines and regulatory requirements. Customize your facility safety inspection schedule to include the specific users, forms, and deadlines.

“We were looking for a company that we could work closely with and one that would be available to talk to and listen to our needs. Certainty fulfilled this, they are always available and respond quickly when we require support”

– Mark Aston, Quality Assurance Manager at City Energy

Eliminate non-compliance quicker than ever

Receive instant alerts whenever non-compliance is detected and take prompt action to resolve these issues using Certainty’s automated notification and action management system. Just as soon as the notification is received, effortlessly send corrective and preventive actions through our customizable action workflow system.

“The ability of notifications is extremely useful to immediately alert senior management in high-risk situations to resolve any concerns quickly.”

– Daniel Girardi, Continuous Improvement Analyst, Longo’s

Easier and more diverse facility safety inspection reporting

Quickly generate real-time reports to track your facility’s safety performance. Whether it be Power BI reporting, System Reports, or your custom-built reporting, quickly gather the metrics you need to analyze all facilities to have better insight into your organizational safety performance.

“It is great that we have a relationship with the Certainty team. With other products, usually, you may have a call center. We can discuss issues with Certainty and have them understand our needs. Certainty is flexible, solution-driven, and cost-effective”.

– Carol Flynn, Risk Manager, Anning-Johnson Company

The Features

Features to strengthen your facility safety inspections and ensure safety compliance


  • Truly multilingual answer options that include text, radio buttons, drop-downs, checkboxes, a date picker, a signature, a star rating, bar & QR code readers, GPS locations, and more…
  • Conditional and repeatable questions to automate and standardize your facility safety inspections
  • Fill out your forms with photos, graphics, and documents for greater detail and insight
  • Input data both online and offline
  • App access through major app platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)


  • Track issues identified in your facility safety inspections
  • Extensive and detailed inspection reporting by inspection, user, site, region, question, and answer
  • Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Configure your dashboard to deliver optimal viewpoints of specific or all sites, users, etc.
  • Filterable system reporting
  • Report data analysis and analysis online, or export to PDF, Excel, or CSV formats.
  • Create customized reporting


  • Automated notifications, escalations, and actions
  • Centralized action delegation
  • Configure your action workflows
  • Customizable sites, organization structures, and site groups
  • Change history logs for the entire system
  • Implement and delegate your custom actions

Used by hundreds of thousands to easily complete millions of accurate audits and inspections annually.

International Paper

Anning-Johnson Company

Struggling with gathering and examining job site safety audit data because of their numerous office locations to oversee, the Anning-Johnson Company was in desperate need of a sustainable solution. With some offices still using paper checklists, an enormous task lay ahead for the Anning Johnson Company. How can the company obtain current figures regarding the number of checklists completed, the individuals who completed them, and the projects that underwent inspections more effectively.

Learn how Certainty solved these issues and boosted Anning-Johnson Company’s job site safety audits.

Spend time on prevention, not paperwork