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Saving a business money takes effort!

Unless you’re like the retail business manager who once told me that he was ‘making way too much money to worry about cutting costs, cost management simply aims to achieve the most cost-effective way of delivering your goods or services to a given level of quality. Cost management isn’t about reducing quality or short-changing customers. […]

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Brand reputational management

Certainty Software…Protecting your reputation and assets

Any competent directors will want to comply with the law when managing SHE, but directors are also keen on protecting their reputation and assets of themselves AND their business from the adverse publicity that a serious accident would bring. Directors and managers will want to avoid undue pressure arising from employees, trade unions, and customers […]

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Certainty Software is guaranteed to reduce the cost of HSE

Business managers may see there’s a cost involved in implementing good HSE systems and there is. However, there’s an enormous cost of not doing it properly. Here at Certainty Software, we’ve developed a powerful auditing and inspection tool that’s guaranteed to reduce the cost of managing HSE. Please don’t see health and safety purely as […]

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Is there enough checklist culture in the mining sector?

The key purpose of this blog series is to help ‘cross-fertilize’ ideas and opinions from one industry sector to another. This week we’re looking at the mining sector and reflecting on some of the challenges presented there. We found this great article in support of checklists and recommend you read it in full here,  – […]

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Certainty in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Did checklists help save my life…?

Modern healthcare is an industrial process just like any other. Whether we like it or not, when we go to a hospital for surgery we must submit to a process. Quite probably, dozens of individuals are going to get involved in our care. Some of those people will have direct continuous involvement in our care […]

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Construction Data Entry

Solving Organizational Resistance to Checklists

No blog series on checklists can be complete without addressing the potential resistance to using checklists. It’s one thing for you to be convinced of the merits of checklists, but if your colleagues don’t think they’re a clever idea, then you’re going to have a struggle on your hands. We need to look at some […]

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Certainty Software has an action management tool for tracking and closure of corrective actions identified in the inspection process.

How ‘Experts’ can be the Biggest Obstacle to Using Checklists

Sure, there are some obstacles to using checklists which we’ve touched on in the preceding blogs. But the far biggest obstacle to their successful implementation is the ‘expert’ who’s offended at the thought of ever needing a checklist. That ‘expert’ can be anyone in the organization. The expert will give any number of reasons checklists are a […]

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Checklists don’t work….do they? Why Checklists Work

Here are 10 reasons why implementing checklists work in your business’s operations: 1 – Because everyone already knows what we need to do! You may think that everyone knows what to do because they’ve done it a hundred times before. But even though we’ve told them what to do, people often don’t listen and frequently […]

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