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New Version, New Technology, New Features! Excited to Publish a New Version of the Certainty App

Mobile Inspections in the Field – On or Offline

That’s right we’ve just published a brand new version of the Certainty app! Completely rebuilt with Google’s new Flutter Framework technology for mobile app development, this version includes all the features of the earlier Certainty app but:
  • is faster;
  • has easier ‘swipe’ navigation;
  • is easier to use; and,
  • auto saves as you complete checklists!

Inspect, Identify, Report & Resolve – On the Go!

The move to this new technology also opens up a range of super exciting features that we will steadily roll into the app moving forward! These include:
  • reporting;
  • action management;
  • scheduling;
  • reminders and push notifications; and,
  • countless new answer types such as a bar code reader and map/GPS coordinates!