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Safety first

Do we really put safety first?…. quite possibly not

We often say that safety is our number one priority and we’d probably like it to be. But if we drill down into our business we’d probably find that not everyone agrees with us. We may have signs and slogans plastered all over our walls shouting ‘Safety First’ but in real terms, our behavior probably […]

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A view from the Maritime Union of Australia…

A interesting counter-view of the benefits of Behavioural Based Safety systems is raised here. It’s an aged article and produced by a controversial labor organization, The Maritime Union of Australia… (c’mon guys, your views have been considered ‘strident’ on occasions in the past…) Nonetheless, we think it’s a valid comment and would welcome your own […]

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‘Tailor’ Your Behavioral Based Safety Program

The next in our series on implementing and improving a Behavioural Based Safety system involves ‘tailoring’ the language, style, and branding of the program to your own organization. It’s can be a great idea to use a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ program that has been proven to work elsewhere – but it MUST be tailored to your […]

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Why not use Certainty Software with IMCA guidance documents?

It’s great to see that the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has undertaken its ambitious project of reviewing every guidance document in its extensive library, ensuring all are fully up-to-date. Work on the project, which started in January 2016, will be completed in the first quarter of this year. The IMCA guidance documents provide an […]

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How the Behavioral Based Safety System is a Group Effort

The fourth blog in our series on how to implement a Behavioural Based Safety System is about the need to listen to your employees and use the process to improve communication in the organization. Many managers are often stuck on ‘transmit’ and expect their people to continuously listen to them as they spout on the […]

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Certainty Software reduces ISM inspection and audit costs across a fleet

The costs and consequences of a major incident onboard a ship at sea are extremely high. Certainty Software is an ideal inspection management tool to reduce inspection and audit costs in the maritime sector. It helps manage the huge amount of management data across an entire fleet and multiple office sites instantly and online – […]

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Asking for help isn’t easy… but it’s worth trying

In our blog on setting up a Behavioral Based Safety System, we suggested (in point 3) contacting others to try and learn from experience. Whenever I’ve done this I’ve initially found the other firms’ management to be stand-offish and apparently feeling at some sort of commercial ‘risk’ as a result of my approach. I found […]

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A Pilot Intervention for your Behavioral Based Safety System

The second point of our initial blog on BBS concerns the importance of piloting your intervention. Why conduct a pilot test? A pilot test will help confirm if you are ready for full-scale implementation. A pilot test can serve as a trial run for your program and can help determine if any adjustments to your […]

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There’s no safety without ‘leadership’.

We can only implement and maintain a functioning health and safety program in a business if the employees, safety leaders, and management make safety the company’s number one priority. If there’s safety without leadership through management, then health and safety will just remain ‘wishful thinking. It’s called leadership. Without support from across the organization, safety […]

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