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On-site vs Remote Audits: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

The Covid-19 pandemic quickly pushed businesses to remote work and to digitize previously manual processes. The same was said for the business’s external and internal auditing processes. As health and safety risks of the global pandemic increased, the traditional way of auditing primarily on-site needed adjusting towards remote auditing. This is only magnified for businesses involved in a globalized supply chain that regularly audits their suppliers. […]

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7 Supplier Management Best Practices to Streamline Operations

The supply chain landscape has changed significantly over the past two years. As noted by Supply Chain 24/7, 84% of enterprise CFOs now see supply chain disruptions as moderate or severe risks. And even if suppliers don’t experience shortages or work stoppages, getting goods where they’re going is more expensive; depending on where goods are coming […]

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Managing Human Rights and Environmental Impacts in Supply Chains: The Proposed EC Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence and What it Means for Businesses with Global Supply Chains

What is the EC Draft Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence? Proposed by the European Commission in February 2022, the EC Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence aims to force global brands to play a key role in building a “just and sustainable economy” through their compliance with rules that enforce the “respect of human […]

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Success with SMETA — Exploring the SMETA Audit

Social responsibility and sustainability are now critical components of business success. But in order to effectively deploy and integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks, companies need to know what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to change across current operations. A SMETA audit can help. What is a SMETA Audit? SMETA stands for the […]

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What are Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Suppliers?

Many businesses have multiple suppliers and extensive supplier tiers that contribute to a final product. This allows businesses to specialize in specific areas and create a better final product. However, having a clear vision of a business’s supply chain is less common. As low as 6% of U.S companies have reported having clear visibility of […]

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Certainty and DNV Webinar: The importance of supplier due diligence, quality assurance, and compliance management

Recently, we had the opportunity of sitting down with DNV to discuss the growing global supply chain challenges in today’s business environment. Also, our expert panelists Florian Mueller, Global Product & Business Development Director at DNV, Joy Laing, Global Director of Supply Chain Management Services at DNV, and Neil Marshall, Senior Advisor at DNV discussed […]

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What are first, second, and third-party audits?

Auditing ensures that businesses comply with regulatory standards and are operating properly within these guidelines. This includes financial reporting, quality management systems, safety management systems, and more. Auditing has increased in frequency annually; for instance, in 2020, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted over 21,000 audits. Here, you’ll learn what a first, second, and […]

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The Supplier Compliance Audit: What it is (and Why You Need One)

Supply chain issues aren’t going anywhere. According to research firm McKinsey, 2022 comes with three key concerns: Labor shortages, equipment availability, and the “ripple effect” of continuing global bottlenecks. For organizations, this landscape creates a dual challenge. Not only do they need to ensure the reliability and stability of supply chains but must also take […]

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Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment

What is a Supply Chain Vulnerability Assessment and How to Perform One

Global supply chain management has grown exceedingly difficult within the last decade and has been amplified by the effects of the Pandemic. The Institute for Supply Management reports that the manufacturing industry’s Backlog of Orders Index hit a record high of 71% in May 2021. This is largely due to increased lead times and product […]

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Understanding Social Compliance And Self-Audits

Businesses that have a sense of purpose – that is, they are motivated to provide value for all stakeholders and to improve the local and global society – tend to be more successful, generating more revenue. According to a survey, 58% of businesses that prioritize operating with purpose witnessed a 10% revenue increase in a three-year period. […]

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Supply chain visibility

Seeing is Succeeding: Why Supply Chain Visibility Matters

Supply chain operations remain top of mind for companies across the globe. Airfreight warehouses and shipping ports are backlogged, and the cost of transporting goods has risen exponentially as pandemic pressures disrupted familiar supply chain routes even as customers made the move to online ordering that came with promises of free, fast delivery. Put simply, […]

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supply chain disruption

Supply Chain Disruptions: What They Are — And How to Avoid Them

Global Supply chain disruptions and supply shortages are expected to persist through the remainder of 2022, with forecasts saying they may persist into the following year — even as global economies see substantial recovery and consumer demands for the speedy delivery of goods and services continue to rise. But what exactly are supply chain disruptions? What impacts […]

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Supplier Selection

Supplier Selection: Finding the Right Fit

The right supplier network is essential for companies to effectively navigate the constant changes in global supply chains and prepare for future pressures. But creating a robust supplier framework is often easier said than done. While recent research found that companies now prioritize increased efficiency and visibility across their supply chains, what does this look like […]

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Supply Chain Audit

Supply Chain Audit: A Key Tool to Improve Performance

“Unexpected” is an accurate reflection of the last two years for supply chain operations. Companies with seemingly robust and reliable supply chains found themselves struggling to bolster supply when the pandemic first hit in 2020 — and as noted by Forbes, supply chains in 2022 will continue to struggle with reduced product availability, increased material and […]

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