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Life After COVID-19: Re-Open Your Business with Certainty

Like nothing else in our lifetime, COVID-19 has affected everyone, everywhere – worldwide. It has indiscriminately taken lives, destroyed livelihoods, and put our world on the brink of the largest financial crisis in living memory – possibly ever.

Managing this crisis has been a Herculean undertaking. Politicians and business leaders around the globe have had to make gut-wrenching decisions and, in an effort to save lives (and our health care systems), they have closed businesses, and borders and shut down entire sectors of the economy.

We have all been affected and we are all desperate to re-open our businesses, get back to work and re-start the economy.

Re-opening your business post COVID-19

However, and as the now disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo eloquently put it, ‘This is not a light switch that we can just flick one day, and everything goes back to normal. We’re going to have to restart a lot of systems that we shut down abruptly and we need to start to plan for that.’

And to do that, each and every business will need a plan. These plans will need to be ‘smart’ and ‘specific’ to your business, your industry, and your circumstance. These plans will need to be flexible, regularly evaluated, and changed where needed as we learn, we adapt and things slowly go back to a new normal.

Most importantly, these plans and your procedure for re-opening must ensure that you can provide a safe workplace for your employees, customers, and suppliers. Using a carefully considered procedure (checklist) and regularly monitoring (and responding to) your results will help make sure you have systematically addressed all aspects of re-opening (people, places, process, precautions, etc.) to ensure you:

  • Provide a safe work environment for your employees, customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders;
  • Quickly identify and respond to issues identified during your initial and ongoing checks/assessments;
  • Get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible; and,
  • Put in place the procedures and practices (checks/inspections) to keep your business open moving forward.

Using Certainty for COVID-19 Re-Opening Preparedness Assessments

This is how we hope we can help with Certainty. Certainty can be used to easily manage and report on any checklist-based approach to performance, compliance, or risk management – including the evaluation of your business’s readiness for re-opening after the COVID-19 shutdown.

30+ Audit and inspection checklists free for download.

Creating and Adding New Checklists with Certainty

With Certainty, you can use any of our existing checklists or you can create/add your own with questions/checks specific to your own business or sector.

COVID-19 Checklists Customized by Site, Site Group or Company-wide

With Certainty, checklists can be made available for use at a single site (i.e. a factory, a distribution center, or a restaurant), they can be made available for use at a group of sites (i.e. all production facilities, all distribution centers in Georgia, or all sites with on-premise customers) or can be made available for use across your entire business.

Customizing COVID-19 Re-Opening Assessment Checklists by Site or Business Unit

 With Certainty, you can create a single corporate checklist for use at all locations (i.e. COVID Re-Opening Preparedness checklist with base or mandated questions that must be answered at all locations company-wide) and allow individual sites or business units to add site/business unit-specific questions that would be additional and relevant only to those locations or business units.

Corporate-wide Reporting of COVID-19 Re-Opening Preparedness and Progress

With Certainty, there are reporting tools that allow for instant reporting of virtually all data points and metrics collected from your checklists, and with the dashboards, system reports, and business intelligence reporting tools you can easily report things such as the number of ‘COVID-19 Re-Opening Preparedness Assessments Completed by Location’ or ‘COVID-19 Re-Opening Preparedness Score’ by site, business unit or corporate-wide.