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Cambridge Weight Plan Choose Certainty for Quality Control Inspections

Cambridge Weight Plan

The Cambridge Weight Plan was originally conceived by Dr. Alan Howard in the 1960s and launched as a commercial diet in 1984. Since then, CWP has helped thousands of people from all over the world meet their dieting goals with low-carb meal packages. CWP uses certainty software to follow all safety procedures.

The Technical Team at CWP uses Certainty to support the Production Department, ensuring that work is carried out on schedule and following all necessary safety procedures, and to track the maintenance of the production machines. In 2020, CWP won a RoSPA Gold Award, demonstrating well-developed occupational health and safety management systems and culture.

“The interface is user friendly, and the Certainty Team were responsive and helpful with our initial inquiry and have continued to be so throughout the duration of a very difficult year for everyone”.

Alison McGowan, Quality Administrator – Cambridge Weight Plan