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Announcing the 4.6 Release of Certainty Software

The team at Certainty is excited to unveil our Version 4.6 Release to clients, starting to roll out on April 20, 2024. While this phased release may not transform the user interface dramatically, it is engineered to enhance the everyday efficiency and control that our clients have come to expect. With major improvements to our admin portal’s design, enhanced workflow controls, and refined data management capabilities, this update promises to significantly streamline your operations.

Here’s what you can expect in our latest enhancement-packed release:

  • New UI Design for the Admin Portal: The admin portal features a redesigned user interface to improve navigation and organization. It now includes rearranged menu tabs and a lockable side menu that can be hidden until hovered over, offering a cleaner and more streamlined experience.
  • Workflow Step Controls: There are new controls for managing workflow steps directly from the admin portal. Admins can edit workflow steps from the ‘Completed Checklist’ and ‘Action’ menus using a three-dot dropdown menu. This feature enhances the flexibility and control over checklist and action workflows.
  • New Account Creation Controls: Enhanced controls to prevent issues such as duplicate logins and notifications. Notably, a new setting automatically blocks duplicate emails, improving security and user management.
  • OData Improvements: The OData service has been expanded with additional columns in the data tables, such as the last login date, workflow-related entries, and site addresses. This upgrade aims to enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements: The release includes fixes for various minor bugs, enhancing overall platform stability and performance.
Download 4.6 Release Notes Here

Please forward any questions about the 4.6 Release to our support team at support@certaintysoftware.com