AI-driven Audit and Inspection Management Features

Revolutionize your enterprise audits and inspections with AI-enhanced data collection, automated issue resolution, and predictive analytics for proactive performance management.

Our AI Vision, AI Insights, and AI Analytics add-on features augment your workflow efficiency and decision-making capabilities, transforming complex data into actionable insights with precision and ease. Whether you’re navigating through inspections, managing detailed checklists, or seeking deep analytical insights, our AI functionalities are engineered to support your needs.

Here’s how you can leverage the full potential of AI with Certainty:

AI Vision

AI Vision is an add-on feature that leverages AI technology to analyze photo and document attachments, automatically completing audit and inspection questions quickly, easily, and accurately. With confidence scoring for each AI Vision-generated checklist answer, improve the accuracy of your data.

  • Utilize AI to quickly, easily, and accurately complete audit and inspection questions based on the analysis of photo and document attachments.
  • Each AI-generated answer includes a confidence score, ensuring transparency and trust in the results and the data needed to improve data accuracy over time continually.

AI Insights

AI Insights is an advanced additional feature that helps you extract and report customizable insights from a completed audit and inspection. Transform your raw data into valuable, relevant, and actionable intelligence.

  • Automatically generate an Executive Summary for a completed audit/inspection.
  • Automatically identify and summarize key risks to your business based on the results of completed audits or inspections.
  • Instantly flag incomplete audits and inspections and those that likely need to be reviewed.
  • Automatically generate recommendations for corrective and preventive actions for an audit or inspection.
  • Automatically generate a confidence score for the accuracy of completed audits and inspections.

AI Analytics (coming soon)

AI Analytics analyzes a series of completed audits/inspections to generate enterprise-wide risk summaries, trends, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and data accuracy assessments.

  • Identify high-priority risks across your business by category, location, activity, and even employee.
  • Detect data from your auditors and inspectors that is likely the result of ‘pencil whipping’.
  • Utilize historical data to predict future trends and outcomes.
  • Identify emerging trends and patterns, enabling proactive decision-making and strategic adjustments to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Detect deviations that may indicate potential inaccuracies, issues, and opportunities for data accuracy improvements.
  • Benchmark current performance against historical data to help understand relative performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Execute detailed comparisons across different periods, locations, or units, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of performance metrics.

A cornerstone of the Certainty platform, our base features are essential tools that provide our over 150,000 current users with reliable data management and analysis capabilities. With the introduction of our new AI functionalities, these strengths are amplified by offering even greater efficiency and accuracy. Nevertheless, our AI capabilities are an addition to, not a replacement for, the strong foundation our base features have created.

Certainty’s AI-driven audit and Inspection Management Features automate numerous tasks that traditionally require manual input and oversight. This automation speeds up processes, reduces the potential for human error, and frees up your team to focus on more strategic activities. Overall, from automating data entry with AI Vision to triggering dynamic insights at key workflow stages with AI Insights, to automatically generating vital insights, the tools are designed to optimize your time and resources.

Accuracy is critical in data management and analysis. AI Vision enhances data integrity by providing tools to enforce mandatory AI analysis and set confidence thresholds. Accordingly, every piece of data is vetted for accuracy before it becomes part of your decision-making process, ensuring you rely on the most reliable information.

Each operation has unique needs and challenges. Certainty’s AI tools are built to be highly configurable, allowing you to tailor AI functionalities to your specific requirements. Whether customizing AI Vision engines, configuring AI Insights triggers for specific checklists, or using AI analysis for niche reporting requirements, the flexibility is there as your operational needs evolve.

AI Insights and AI Analysis harness the power of raw data to deliver actionable insights, enhancing your decision-making process with data-driven guidance. Through analyzing intricate data sets and customizable data extraction, both AI Insights and AI Analysis offer a clear and comprehensive understanding, empowering quicker and more informed decision-making.


Kellogg’s is a $14 billion company and is the world’s largest cereal company. They are the second largest producer of crackers and savory snacks, and a leading North American frozen foods company. They use Certainty to save time, improve safety, and reduce work-related incidents for behavior-based safety observations.

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