COVID-19 Checklists to Help Businesses Reduce the Risk to their Employees & the Public

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Our thoughts go out to all those impacted by the COVID-19 virus worldwide. These are challenging times for all and in an attempt to help our clients and colleagues we have recently published 2 checklists that might help businesses and their employees both prepare for but also manage through an crisis / pandemic outbreak such as with COVID-19 now.

The checklists are:

COVID-19 Crisis / Pandemic Preparedness Checklist for Business

COVID-19 Crisis / Pandemic Outbreak Management and Response Checklist

The first is to help business prepare for a crisis / pandemic such as COVID-19 and the second is aimed at helping business (particularly in ‘public-facing’ office, retail, hospitality or food services settings) reduce the health and safety risk to employees and visitors to a business (customers, clients, etc.).

The checklists can be downloaded in Excel free of charge.

Stay safe in these difficult times!

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