Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer! Yup, here are all the questions we’ve been asked by customers and prospective customers – most often when trying to make a decision about audit/inspection management software. And, here are the answers – because we believe the best decision is an informed one!

User Management

Yes, we have a full video library of Certainty tutorials that can be found within your Certainty instance.

Tutorial topics in the playlist include:

  • App Login
  • App Overview
  • Checklist Submission
  • Working With Actions
  • Reporting & Admin Overview
  • Site & Site Groups
  • Users & User Groups
  • Managing Checklists Overview
  • Working With Actions
  • Getting Started With Checklist Builder
  • Checklist & Action Workflow
  • Notifications
  • Reporting Overview
  • Dashboard Overview
  • System Reports
  • Business Intelligence Graphs
  • Scheduling.

Yes, Certainty allows for integration and Single Sign On (SSO) with network domain controllers (such as Active Directory for Microsoft Network Domains) which means you will automatically be logged in to Certainty when already authenticated to your corporate network environment.

Yes, this can be done using the Certainty Project Data Upload Template which is an Excel spreadsheet that will be provided to you or you can download it here. Once we have this back from you, we will upload your data into your new or existing instance of Certainty. Download here.

Yes, Certainty’s ‘Active/Inactive’ feature allows administrators to de-activate a user’s system access while still allowing you to report on the data they previously entered. Report filters also allow you to include/exclude ‘Inactive’ users in data reported.

Yes of course. At Certainty, we appreciate that decisions about enterprise-level software involve a lot of people and take a long time. If you want to use Certainty at your site but don’t have budget or buy-in for a wider corporate-wide project, that’s OK as you can start a project with a smaller group of users and expand if and when you wish.

Yes, Certainty’s administration tools allow you to define – completely – the access a user is granted. Access can be to a single site, groups of sites (e.g. region, division, country, etc.) or corporate wide – its completely up to you.

Yes, Certainty’s administration tools allow you to define – completely – not only the site(s) or Site Group(s) a user has access to but also define – exactly – what privileges (access, edit, delete) a user has at those locations. From submit checklists (audits/inspections) only to reporting only or full and complete System Administrator access corporate wide – its completely up to you.

Yes, Certainty’s access by ‘Site’ or ‘Site Group’ feature allows you to quickly and easily define the access a user has. Whether its a site, region, division or corporate-wide, the Site Group feature allows you to define – exactly – what a user can and cannot access.

Yes, Certainty’s administration tools allow you to define – completely – the site(s) or Site Group(s) a user has access. You can also define – exactly – what privileges (access, edit, delete) users have for all tools in the system. From ‘Submit Only’ (audit/inspection checklists) to ‘Reporting Only’ or full and complete ‘System Administrator’ access corporate-wide – it’s completely up to you.

Certainty has been designed from the ground up as an enterprise-level solution and as such has a number of features and tools that allow your own System Administrators to customize and configure to meet your needs. The Administration tools allow for a wide range of customization/configuration including:

  • Adding sites and users
  • Creating Site Groups and User Groups
  • Defining user access and privileges
  • Creating, editing and duplicating checklists
  • Creating automatic corrective actions
  • Creating automatic email notifications
  • Adding languages and translations

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