Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer! Yup, here are all the questions we’ve been asked by customers and prospective customers – most often when trying to make a decision about audit/inspection management software. And, here are the answers – because we believe the best decision is an informed one!

Audit / Inspection Checklists

Yes, we have a full video library of Certainty tutorials that can be found within your Certainty instance.

Tutorial topics in the playlist include:

  • App Login
  • App Overview
  • Checklist Submission
  • Working With Actions
  • Reporting & Admin Overview
  • Site & Site Groups
  • Users & User Groups
  • Managing Checklists Overview
  • Working With Actions
  • Getting Started With Checklist Builder
  • Checklist & Action Workflow
  • Notifications
  • Reporting Overview
  • Dashboard Overview
  • System Reports
  • Business Intelligence Graphs
  • Scheduling.

Yes, with Certainty’s Checklist Builder and translation tools you can create a ‘master’ checklist in one language and then create any number of translated versions of that same checklist which means your auditors can operate in the language of their choice and you can be sure that everyone is auditing against the same criteria – regardless of the language used.

Yes, if your System Administrator has enabled ‘the create actions on the fly’ for an audit checklist, then as an auditor you can create and delegate actions instantly, on the fly and as you conduct your audit.

Certainty’s Checklist Builder allows you to design, build and manage all of your own checklists and a subscription to Certainty allows for an unlimited number of checklist in the system and you can ‘publish’ checklists to an number of site(s) or Site Group(s) you have.

Yes, Certainty allows for the creation of corporate-wide master checklist that can be ‘published’ for use at a single site, groups of sites or company-wide.

Yes, the Checklist Builder allows you to create a single corporate-wide master checklist that can be duplicated and added to for sites that need to add site-specific questions to their audit checklist.

Yes, you can create a single ‘corporate’ audit checklist that contains your mandatory ‘corporate-wide’ questions and if a location needs to add site-specific questions to that audit they can ‘duplicate’ the corporate audit and add their own questions to it ensuring that all sites are meeting the minimum/core corporate audit requirements while also answering (and reporting separately) any site-specific audit questions they may have added.

Yes, Certainty’s Checklist Builder allows you to add hyperlinks to supporting documentation in your audit questions. Note: your auditors will need a network/internet connection to the supporting documentation to view it though.

Yes, checklists can be managed centrally in the Checklist Builder and can be printed directly from the system at site level.

Yes, with Certainty, you can print your own audit checklists directly from the system – where and when you need them.

Yes with Certainty, you can add photos and images to audit findings to improve clarity, include supporting information or further document their findings and all of the images added to an audit are included the audit report (PDF).

Yes, Certainty’s Checklist Builder allows you to design checklists exactly they way you need them. You define checklist layout, scoring, questions, answer types, and can determine if questions should be mandatory, conditional/nested, allow photos or if they need to include Info Tips for your auditors.

Yes, Certainty’s Checklist Builder provides all you need to design a checklist that can be used for combined audits (e.g. Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality SHEQ audits) and questions. A Certainty subscription also allows for an unlimited number of checklists which means you can also have separate checklists for each discipline when needed.

Yes, Certainty’s administration tools allow you to define – completely – the site(s) or Site Group(s) a user has access. You can also define – exactly – what privileges (access, edit, delete) users have for all tools in the system. From ‘Submit Only’ (audit/inspection checklists) to ‘Reporting Only’ or full and complete ‘System Administrator’ access corporate-wide – it’s completely up to you.

The Checklist Builder allows you to create a single, corporate or ‘master’ checklist that can be published for use at any and all sites in your company. The Checklist Builder allows you to create a single corporate-wide master checklist that can be duplicated and added to for sites that need site-specific questions on their audits. All of this means you can offer site-specific flexibility and corporate consistency all in the same audit.

With digital checklists (submitted using PC, laptop or the Certainty app) the results of audits and inspections are available online as soon as your auditors ‘save’ their audit (and sync if offline using the app). When submitting paper-based checklists, there can sometimes be a short delay in the digitization process (usually no more than an hour or two) and for data to be available on line. Also, as soon as your completed audit have been saved, you can report on the results and the data is included in your Dashboard graphs and metrics.

Yes, the Certainty app can be used on any iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone, tablet or device.

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