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Certainty Software Simplifies Mobile Quality Assurance Inspections

Certainty Software simplifies mobile quality assurance inspections. Certainty Software simplifies mobile quality assurance inspections. Based in Western Canada and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Strike Group is an industry leader providing infrastructure construction and maintenance services across Western Canada. Strike has been recognized as a Best Managed Company from 2007 – 2021, and has now grown to include Bob Dale Oilfield Services, Canadian Plains, Jedco Energy Services, and Ignite Energy Services. Strike now has 24 locations and five main divisions: Projects Group, Industrial Services, Pipeline Services, Field Services, and Electrical & Instrumentation. Strike’s vision from day one has been to be a sustainable, professionally led, profitable organization. We support our environmental, social and governance standards throughout the organization and are proud of a team that is committed to local communities and sustainable practices. At Strike, ensuring the health and safety of employees, contractors and the general public, as well as protecting the environment, is at the core of Strike Group Values and ultimately underpins the success of our organization. Certainty Software simplifies mobile quality assurance inspections. Strike’s QMS is comprised of many processes that utilize our internal procedures, project plans, policies and a comprehensive reporting structure which ensures our products and services meet industry code, regulation, and stringent client specifications. Specifically, Strike’s internal review process (Quality Assurance) is continuously identifying, mitigating, and managing project associated quality risks within the QMS. Our QA program ensures through scheduled auditing of our projects, all established quality processes and procedures are functioning, lagging indicators are identified, assessed, mitigated, and managed, quality checks show compliance within our QMS and project matrix. When we began looking for solutions to help streamline our quality assurance audits, we wanted a platform that could take our existing auditing processes to the next level. We were introduced to Certainty and quickly realized that it would meet our needs and allow us room to grow and adapt over time. With Certainty’s user-friendly interface, we can create custom checklists to allow users to input data from remote sites and we can see live results online upon completion. Our audit program has grown and improved with the help of Certainty and we highly recommend it to any company looking to improve and streamline their audit data collection, management, and reporting activities. Alexis Halenda, Quality Project Auditor/Field Advisor at Strike Group If you like this post you may also be interested in: Certainty at Rocky Brands for Quality Assurance and Control City Energy Choose Certainty St. John Packaging Choose Certainty Certainty Software