Certainty’s Audit & Inspection Software Solution Named As One of the 10 Best EHS Management Software Tools in 2021!

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Super excited that @Softwareworld named Certainty Software as one of the Best EHS Management Software solutions in 2021!

Here’s more on how Certainty can help with:

Audit & Inspection Data Management & ReportingCertainty Named to 10 Best EHS Software Solutions in 2021

Compliance Management

Construction Safety Inspections

EHS Management

Safety Audit, Inspection & Observation Management

Here is the full Software World story:

EHS software is your one-stop solution to track the ever-changing regulations and advisories to ensure that your business is never out of line. EHS software comes to the rescue with digital solutions that help companies to cope up with regulatory compliance, industry health, environment safety, and risk management. The software uses business intelligence reporting features to auto-generate reports, collect and store a large amount of data, access archived data, and re-appraise several files.

Tools like spill calculator, EHS emissions tracking, capturing pictures, incident reporting identify environmental hazards, and reinforce that workspace safety is your top priority. These are easily accessible even from remote locations and encourage two-way communications between employer and employee.

Custom dashboards that come with interactive graphics and visuals make it possible to design action plans and display collected data. EHS mobile apps further make communication between top-level management and employees possible without involving bulky computers. Its time you let the software take care of the redundant tasks as you take care of the more important ones. Here is a list of EHS software to help you get started.

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