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You ask, we answer! Yup, here are all the questions we’ve been asked by customers and prospective customers – most often when trying to make a decision about audit/inspection management software. And, here are the answers – because we believe the best decision is an informed one!

Its difficult to get people to actually do the safety observations they are supposed to do, how can you help with that?

With Certainty there are 3 different ways to get audit data into the system (paper, browser and app). This means there should be a solution to meet the needs of all your team. The buy in part comes from the fact that each of these ways saves time and makes the audit process easier – for auditors – which should increase buy in, participation and results.

An example of this (and as shown in our Rocky Brands case study), auditors saved 25% of their time using the Certainty app compared to their previous ‘by hand’ approach. That’s 2 hours a day to do things more productive than re-keying observation/audit data! Hopefully that will be incentive enough!

Lastly, if the carrot doesn’t work, maybe the stick will? with Certainty’s Dashboard and System Reports managers can instantly and easily see metrics and KPI’s showing exactly who has and who hasn’t completed the audits expected.

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