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You ask, we answer! Yup, here are all the questions we’ve been asked by customers and prospective customers – most often when trying to make a decision about audit/inspection management software. And, here are the answers – because we believe the best decision is an informed one!

How can you get audit / inspection data into Certainty?

Certainty allows for data entry using:

  • paper – printed checklists completed by hand and submitted using scan-to-email from any standard printer/scanner and digitized automatically using our optical character recognition (OCR) technology;
  • browser – any internet-connected, browser-enabled device (pc, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.);
  • Excel – export checklists as Excel spreadsheets, complete on or offline and import automatically by email; and,
  • Certainty app – for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and devices, use on or offline, saves and syncs automatically.

Enterprise level data entry Sept 2019

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