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Announcing Certainty’s Compliance Mapping & Performance Benchmarking Dashboard

We’re excited to share with you our new Compliance Mapping & Performance Benchmarking dashboard. The dashboard provides a single, real-time picture of your company’s global compliance footprint and performance benchmarks and is easily configured for any checklist-based audit or inspection protocol.

Powered by MicroSoft PowerBi – the Compliance Mapping & Performance Benchmarking dashboard can provide a consistent, comparable, and drill-through view of compliance status and performance across your entire business and supply chain.

Check out the Compliance Mapping & Performance Benchmarking dashboard (YouTube)

Key Benefits of Certainty’s New Compliance Mapping & Performance Benchmarking Dashboard:

1. Real-time view of compliance across your business

Visualize compliance data easily, in real-time, and across your entire business. See which sites or suppliers have compliance issues and provide your team with the information needed to prioritize performance improvement projects and investments.

2. Improve organizational benchmarking and performance

See your company’s own performance ‘league table‘ in real-time. Consistent and comparable performance data across your business allows you to prioritize performance improvement initiatives and monitor performance over time.

3. Clear visibility of risks across your business

The dashboard provides a global view of your business’s risk profile. Based on your own risk and compliance protocols, the dashboard provides ongoing visibility of the risks your business faces. Filter and drill through to report by risk severity, country, region, location and supplier, and more.

4. Measure compliance and benchmark performance against your standards

Whether it’s ISO 9001 quality management system performance audits to assessing the social, ethical & environmental compliance of your suppliers, this dashboard is easily configured to provide a global view of your business’s compliance status and performance benchmarks based on the checklist protocols that are already used in your business.

The Compliance Mapping & Performance Benchmarking dashboard is now available for existing Certainty customers. If you are not a customer but would like to implement your own Compliance Mapping & Performance Benchmarking dashboard, we would be happy to help and the best next step would be to reach out to us.

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