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Longo’s Wins RCC’s 2022 Excellence in Retailing Award

Did you hear? Valued Certainty customer Longo’s was recently awarded the Retail Council of Canada’s (RCC) 2022 Excellence in Retailing Award in the category of Health, Safety and Wellness for Digital Injury Prevention!

2022 Excellence in Retailing Award

We’d like to congratulate the Longo’s team for their dedication to improving their injury prevention efforts and overall safety culture success. Their transition from using paper-based safety logging to Certainty Software’s digital safety inspecting, logging, and reporting has been nothing less than incredible and we are honored to have helped in reaching their safety goals.

The Longo’s Story

Family-operated since 1956, the Longo’s family, their thousands of Team Members, and its business partners have grown their retail supermarket and grocery delivery service into a staple across Ontario.

What’s driven this success? Longo’s prides itself on how they treat their Guests like family – and that means they will only serve to others what they would serve their own families. To maintain this level of excellence, Longo’s has always prioritized the health and safety of its customers, Team Members, and community. The company is guided by a vision to fuel happier and healthier lives as your most trusted and relied-upon food partner.

How did Longo’s win?

For years, Longo’s was relying on a traditional paper-based logging system to document their cleaning, temperature checks, and safety sweep inspections for slip, trip, and fall injuries. The effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic led Longo’s to find a better and more time-efficient solution for both their current inspections and their newer health and safety protocol inspections resulting from the pandemic.

That’s when Longo’s discovered Certainty Software. With Certainty Software, Longo’s was able to perform the same inspection and logging procedures in a simpler and less time-consuming manner. Certainty Software’s mobile and online platform, customizable inspections and checklists, and real-time reporting resulted in improvements to Longo’s safety efforts, saved the company time, and reduced their injury expenses.

In 2021, Longo’s transitioned all their health and safety and risk-based logs from paper-based to Certainty Software’s digital platform. These logs included:

  • Sweep Logs
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee Inspections
  • COVID-19 High Touchpoint Cleaning
  • Safety and Security Audits
  • Temperature Logs
  • Daily/Weekly Cleaning Logs
  • Receiving Logs
  • Washroom Cleaning Checklist

The Results from Switching to Certainty

In just a short amount of time, Longo’s saw great results from switching to Certainty Software. Since switching to Certainty in 2021, safety logs are much easier to complete by Team Members, and Longo’s has been able to better represent their efforts toward safety compliance. Before implementing Certainty Software, Operators at Longo’s would scan multiple documents to Risk Management for submissions to insurance or the Ministry of Labour. Now, this step is eliminated thanks to Certainty Software’s digital platform where records can be obtained immediately by the business’s Health and Safety and Claims team.

The numbers don’t lie either. Since August of 2021, Longo’s has seen a 60% decrease in incidents in their front-end departments, monthly declines in their injury rates for both Members and Guests, and has reached their health and safety targets.

I am amazed at what Longo’s have achieved. They have transitioned their entire safety inspection program so quickly, smoothly, and successfully. In the 2 years since we began working together, the Health and Safety and Continuous Improvement teams at Longo’s have transitioned from being paper based to now completing almost 2 million inspections a year with Certainty. That’s over 5,500 inspections a day!

Congratulations to all of our colleagues at Longo’s and the Longo’s Team on winning this award. I am really humbled that Certainty was able to play such a key role in this transition and in this great success!

Hewitt Roberts, CEO, Certainty Software

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