ESG Checklist

This ESG checklist is used to assess a company’s environment, social and governance practices and sustainability. The checklist can be used by a company to assess its own performance or that of its suppliers and supply chain.

This ESG checklist is equally applicable to asset/portfolio managers, fund managers, wealth managers, banks and institutional investors and anyone looking to assess the risk management activities and sustainability of companies issuing securities.

This ESG checklist has:

50 questions on environmental performance including: Environmental Management; Climate Change; Air Pollution; Hazardous & Toxic Material Management; Natural Resources Management & Use; Waste Management; Regulatory Compliance; and Pollution Prevention & Cleaner Production.

50 questions on social performance including: Worker Health & Safety;;Human Rights & Labour Practices, Regulatory Compliance; Community Involvement; and Consumer Safety & Product Safety.

60 questions on corporate governance including: Board Structure, Independence & Accountability; Ethics & Codes of Conduct; ESG Management Practices & Processes; Supply Chain Management; Data Privacy, Security & Management.

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