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ESG Checklist

What is an ESG Compliance Checklist?

An ESG compliance checklist assesses a company’s environment, social and governance practices, and sustainability. It can be used by a company to assess its own performance or that of its suppliers and supply chain.

This ESG compliance checklist applies equally to asset/portfolio managers, fund managers, wealth managers, banks and institutional investors, and anyone looking to assess the risk management activities and sustainability of companies issuing securities.

The Value of an ESG Checklist

ESG is not just a nice-to-have or a box to tick. It’s a powerful way to create value for your company and your stakeholders. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. In fact, you can start improving your ESG practices and policies today with a simple tool: a free ESG checklist.

An ESG checklist can help you save time and money compared to creating one from scratch or hiring external consultants. Instead of making assumptions in your own questionnaire building, you can rely on reputable and compliance-driven questions at your disposal.

Moreover, an ESG compliance checklist can help you meet compliance demands and prepare for future regulations related to ESG issues. By using an ESG checklist, you can ensure that you are following the best practices and standards for ESG reporting and disclosure. This can help you avoid fines, penalties, lawsuits, or reputational damage due to non-compliance or misconduct. It can also help you anticipate and adapt to changing regulations and expectations in the market.

Another benefit of using a free ESG checklist is that it can help you align your core values with your stakeholders’ expectations. By using an ESG checklist, you can show your commitment to these issues and build trust, loyalty, and engagement with your stakeholders. This can also enhance your reputation and brand image.

Using an ESG checklist can help you perform an ESG assessment. This is an important step to improve your ESG policies and practices. An ESG assessment can help you identify the opportunities and risks related to ESG issues and how they can affect your value creation. It can also help you set goals and track progress on ESG performance.

What the ESG Compliance Checklist Includes

This ESG checklist has the following:

50 questions on environmental performance including:

  • Environmental Management
  • Climate Change
  • Air Pollution
  • Hazardous & Toxic Material Management
  • Natural Resources Management & Use
  • Waste Management; Regulatory Compliance
  • Pollution Prevention & Cleaner Production.

50 questions on social performance including:

  • Worker Health & Safety
  • Human Rights & Labour Practices
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Community Involvement
  • Consumer Safety & Product Safety.

60 questions on corporate governance including:

  • Board Structure
  • Independence & Accountability
  • Ethics & Codes of Conduct
  • ESG Management Practices & Processes
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Privacy, Security & Management.
ESG checklist template

How Certainty Improves Inspections for ESG Compliance

Using Certainty Software, performing ESG inspections becomes easier and generates better actionable information. Whether using our checklist templates or creating your own unique forms, Certainty gives its users the freedom and customizability to support every company’s unique inspection and auditing needs.

Reporting checklist findings at an enterprise-wide level can be filtered to your needs by options such as inspection type, users, site, region, question, or answer. Within your configurable dashboard, you can track issues identified, set up automated notifications and actions, and so much more.

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