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Certainty Version 4.0 Ready for Release!

We are now planning the version 4.0 release of Certainty Software which is scheduled for a phased rollout beginning August 25th.

This release is an update to the user interface (UI) of the Reporting & Administration (.com) portal in a phased approach to improving the usability and user experience of Certainty Software.

Phase 1 of this UI improvement project does not change any of the functionality of the Reporting & Administration portal and is the first phase of a multi-phase project to improve ease of use and the overall user experience of Certainty.

There are also a few bug fixes and minor upgrades to the Certainty app in this release.
They include:

  • Users can now attach all files extensions when attaching files to the checklist
  • Added pagination for completed checklists (initially display 10 checklists and on ‘Load More’ load 10 more)
  • Added share report functionality
  • Fixed loading actions error
  • Fixed camera text field issue
  • Fixed conditional repeatable question issue
  • Fixed duplicate unanswered mandatory questions appearing in the dialog box