A view from the Maritime Union of Australia…

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costaconcordiaA interesting counter-view of the benefits of Behavioural Based Safety systems is raised here. It’s an aged article and produced by a controversial labour organisation, The Maritime Union of Australia… (c’mon guys, your views have been considered ‘strident’ on occasions in the past…) Nonetheless we think it’s a valid comment and would welcome your own comments and experience, if you have any counter-views too. We should make it clear though, we here at Certainty Software think that management DO remain accountable FULL STOP!

For example, there’s been considerable comment blaming the loss of ‘Costa Concordia’ on the Master as a function of a Behavioural Based Safety approach… once again, we take the view that however it gets sliced, the Master may have been the man on the spot, but it’s still management that still remains accountable.

What do you think of the MUA’s views? – let us know…

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