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Version 4.4 Certainty Software Ready for Release

We are excited to announce the highly anticipated release of Certainty Software Version 4.4. This update, rolling out on July 1st, 2023, brings a range of powerful features and improvements designed to enhance usability, streamline workflows, and provide you with a seamless compliance management experience.

Let’s dive into some of the key enhancements introduced in Certainty Software 4.4:

  • Checklist Builder Performance Improvements: Experience smoother and more efficient checklist creation with performance improvements in the checklist builder. Save time and boost productivity as you create comprehensive checklists effortlessly.
  • Custom Reports Available for Download: Tailor your reporting experience with the new option to download custom reports. Generate reports that align precisely with your requirements, providing valuable insights and facilitating better decision-making.
  • Options for Physical Addresses on Sites: Improve site management and data accuracy by utilizing the added options for physical addresses within sites. Capture detailed site information, enhancing your compliance processes.
  • Bulk Transfer Responsibility Between Users: Efficiently manage user responsibilities by transferring them in bulk between users. Streamline administrative tasks and ensure smooth accountability within your team.
  • Permissions for User Group Responsibility Assignments within Actions: Enhance collaboration and task management with permissions for user group responsibility assignments within actions. Simplify workflows, improve efficiency, and foster seamless coordination within your organization.
  • Improvements to Checklist Schedules: Enjoy enhanced scheduling capabilities in Certainty Software 4.4. Streamline the scheduling of audits and tasks, ensuring timely execution and effective compliance management.
  • Options for Checklist and Action Workflows: Tailor your workflows to meet your specific business requirements with added options for checklist and action workflows. Customize your processes, enhancing task management and facilitating smooth progression.
  • Change History for Completed Checklists: Maintain transparency and accountability with the new change history feature for completed checklists. Track modifications and review the audit trail, ensuring comprehensive compliance management.
  • New Optional Fields for User Profiles: Enhance user profiles with the addition of new optional fields. Capture additional information about users, facilitating effective user management and enabling better collaboration.
  • View Checklist Question Details While Working on Actions: Streamline action execution with the ability to view checklist question details while working on actions. Access relevant information seamlessly, improving efficiency and task execution.
  • Compliance, Risk, and Performance Dashboard (Preview): Gain valuable insights into compliance, risk, and performance metrics with the new dashboard. Monitor key indicators, make data-driven decisions, and drive continuous improvement within your organization.
  • Various Bug Fixes: We’ve addressed several bugs and resolved reported issues to provide you with a smoother and more reliable software experience.
Download 4.4 Release Notes Here

We’ve also added in the Release Notes a preview of a project we are in the midst of working on called the Compliance, Risk, Performance Dashboard. We’re ecstatic to provide you with this feature in a future release.

Here’s a sneak peek at the dashboard:

Enjoy the update!