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There’s no safety without ‘leadership’.

We can only implement and maintain a functioning health and safety program in a business if the employees, safety leaders, and management make safety the company’s number one priority. If there’s safety without leadership through management, then health and safety will just remain ‘wishful thinking. It’s called leadership.

Without support from across the organization, safety failures will occur and any sort of improvement, let alone continuous improvement, will be impossible. If we really want to change behavior in the workplace and solve safety without leadership issues, we really need to understand the reasons why people make the ‘safety’ decisions that they do. 

This article on Safeopedia is an interesting read highlighting three of the reasons why Behavioral Based Safety systems fail – I recommend you read this and bear it in mind as we develop the present theme of BBS in our own blog. Safety doesn’t start ‘in the field’. It isn’t something just for the operations guys to worry about. Everyone needs to be 100% focused on safety at the start of each day or shift, the moment they arrive on-premises.

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Safety without 'leadership'