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Why Goodman Telecom Services Choose Certainty for Safety Inspections

Goodman Telecom Choose Certainty

Goodman Telecom Services (GTS) is a US-based technology service company that designs, builds, permits, engineers, and optimizes state-of-the-art wireless networks and provides cell site maintenance solutions for both wireless and wireline technologies.

With a workforce of over 400 telecom professionals and W-2 technicians, Goodman Telecom provides services to network operators, OEMs ,and enterprise clients and has completed over 130,000 5G/4G/3G projects and makes more than 60,000 cell site and central office service calls annually.

Cell Tower Safety with Certainty

GTS uses Certainty to conduct, report and manage safety inspections across its workforce in the field while maintaining cellphone towers and mobile network facilities.

“As a new customer to Certainty Software, it has been an eye-opening experience. The ease of use to create a template and push it out to the field is like no other software ever used. Changes can be made and updates performed in a live setting. This software allows companies of all sizes to gather information from the field with instant feedback. I recommend this software to all sizes of companies.” Ted Luebbert, Training Manager – Goodman Telecom Service