Do you need help working with checklists?

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Do you need help working with checklists? Do you struggle to design the right checklists for your business? – Talk to us and see how we can help, for free*! We can help you find templates to use, ‘sense-check’ the templates you think you’d like to use or even design new templates from scratch – just ask, see how we can help and what we can do for you – completely free*!

The use of checklists is integral to many industries from manufacturing, aviation and maritime transport to oil, gas and renewable energy businesses, and increasingly the field of medicine. Though the benefits of checklists are well known, those benefits depend on the checklist being properly designed, tested and used. We welcome the use of checklists in any sector, but it’s essential to customise each checklist tool for its specific purpose. It’s sensible to take advantage of the literature from other domains to create usable and successful checklists.

Using checklists is a simple and remarkably effective strategy for ensuring safety and accuracy in performing many routine and complex tasks. Checklists have long been used in industries such as aviation but are only recently making headway in other sectors such as medicine. The reluctance of many professionals to adopt checklists is often a reaction against accepting ‘even more paperwork’ or due to a disbelief in their effectiveness. However, there’s now substantial evidence in their favour and literature that offers help establishing many best practices in checklist design. YOUR business stands to benefit.

Checklists aren’t a panacea for mismanagement and mistakes in managing safety. Any system has the power to complicate or help—it’s the design of the checklist determines its utility. A poorly designed, complicated or lengthy checklist can harm performance just as easily as a good one can improve it. Fortunately, there are plenty of guidelines for checklist design available.

If you’d like help finding or preparing checklist templates for your business, we’d be pleased to help – just let us know. If you have any questions about how checklists can help your business just ask us, it needn’t cost you anything!

(*) Subject to a previously agreed scope of work

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