Certainty Software is an ideal solution for a wide range of audit and inspection activities in virtually all sectors of the economy. From pre-trip vehicle inspections to ISO certification audits, Certainty Software is an ideal solution for managing audit and inspection checklists, data, corrective actions and performance reporting across your business.

  • Accident, Incident & Near Miss Reporting
  • Driver Safety Assessments
  • Employee Safety Evaluations
  • Facility & Maintenance Inspections
  • Food Safety (FSMA, HACCP) Audits
  • Jobsite Safety Inspections
  • OSHA 1910 & OHSAS 18001 Compliance Audits
  • Permits to Work
  • Pre-trip Inspections
  • Vehicle Safety Inspections
  • … and much more!

Available Case Studies

“Certainty Software Software has been working great for our team. Their solutions are so simple to implement. We are really happy with it so far, especially the level of customer service received from the Certainty Software Team. Whenever we’ve needed something done, it’s done right away, even though we are in different time zones. The Certainty Software Team makes sure things are done right away; they are always there.”

Deborah Pitout, National Health & Safety Manager at Hall’s Group

“The Certainty Software Team is great to work with. They address issues in a timely manner and assist in any way needed. They are dependable, professional, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Certainty Software because it is a top-tier program with top-tier support. The Certainty Software team works with you to help create the best product to help you meet your goals.”

Clint Bowling, Regional Manager of Distribution Safety, Borden Dairy

“Check it has been a wonderful addition to our overall behavior based safety program. Our supervisors have embraced it and has become a part of their daily processes”.

Jose Orozco, Director Distribution Safety, Borden Dairy Company

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