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Certainty in Transportation

Certainty Software is an ideal solution for a wide range of audit and inspection activities in the transportation sector. From vehicle & trailer inspections to facility safety and ISO certification audits, Certainty is an ideal solution for collecting, managing and reporting audit and inspection results and corrective actions to ensure compliance, reduce risk and improve performance across your business.

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60 Seconds For Safety Inspections
BBS Observations
Behavioral Based Safety Observations
Behavioral Safety Observations
Competency Assessments
Contractor Evaluations
Contractor Observations
COVID Preparedness Checklists
COVID Sanitation Audits
Daily Operations Checklists
Daily Van Checks
Data Privacy Audits
EHS Observations
Electrical Safety Inspections
Emergency Response Planning Inspections
Employee Interaction - Safety Evaluations
Equipment Inspections
Equipment Audit & Maintenance Checklists
Equipment Maintenance Checklists
Ergonomics Assessments
Fire Extinguisher Inspections
Fleet Daily Inspections
Forklift Safety Checklists
Gas Hazardous Work & Breathing Air Checklists
Hand Safety, Sharps, Face Shield Audits
Hazard Identification Inspections
Health & Safety Committee Inspections
Hygiene Inspections
Incident Forms
Incident Investigations
Incident Report Forms
Internal QA Audits
ISO 9001 Audits
ISO 14001 Audits
ISO 45001 Audits
Lifting & Rigging Checklists
Machine & Equipment Inspections
Machine Guarding Inspections
Material Handling Inspections
Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Checklists
Mobile Equipment Inspections
Monthly Safety Inspections
Motor Vehicle Safety Checklists
Near Miss Checklists
Near Miss Investigations
Near Miss Reporting Checklists
New Employee Induction Checklists
OSHA 300 - Logs of Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses
OSHA 301 - Injuries & Illnesses Incident Report Checklists
OSHA Incident - Accident Investigations
PPE Inspections
Risk Assessments
Risk / Incident Identification Reports
Safety & Environmental Audits
Safety Audits
Safety Committee Inspections
Safety Interactions
Safety Observations
Site Safety Audits
Third Party Logistics Audits
Vehicle / Tractor Inspections
Walking & Working Surfaces Inspections
Working at Heights Inspections
Work Safety Inspections

What our clients say


“The Certainty Software Team were always willing to dive into an issue or explore new options with the tool to solve a request from Kellogg. The Certainty Software Team has been an asset not only through the platform and improvements, but through the relationship and customer service provided to Kellogg. When we had an issue or request, their team worked tirelessly to find a way to achieve it.”Kellogg

Mary Tate, Global Sustainability Manager

“Certainty Software is so flexible. We use it for BBS observations, near miss reporting and even quick risk prediction reporting. It really is a great tool.”Mondelez


Dominic Chorley, Global Commercial and Fleet Safety Lead
Mondelez International

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