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Certainty Software is an ideal solution for a wide range of audit and inspection activities in virtually all sectors of the economy. From safety audits to facility and incident reporting, Certainty Software is an ideal solution for managing audit and inspection checklists, data, corrective actions and performance reporting across your business.

Use Certainty Software for:

  • Accident, Incident & Near Miss Reporting
  • Behavioral Safety Observations
  • Facility & Maintenance Inspections
  • Fall Protection Inspections
  • ISO Certification Audits
  • Jobsite Safety Inspections
  • Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Inspections
  • OSHA 1910 & OHSAS 18001 Compliance Audits
  • Permits to Work
  • Vehicle Safety Inspections
  • … and much more!

Available Case Studies

Vaughn Industries – Improves Overall Safety Performance and Reduces Costs with Certainty Software

“The people behind Certainty Software Software always answer your questions, or work to find you a solution. They are genuine, and will tell you what they can and cannot do. They are also flexible and were able to help me make the system work for our particular situation.”

Jason Zimmerman, Vaughn Industries Safety Coordinator

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