Vaughn Industries – Improves Overall Safety Performance and Reduces Costs with Certainty Software


The Client

Vaughn Industries LLC is an electrical and mechanical contractor based in Carey, Ohio that provides nationwide construction services in both the industrial and commercial sectors. With its team of 600+ employees, Vaughn Industries also specializes in plumbing, high voltage substations, high voltage transmission and distribution, and renewable energy construction.

The Challenge

In the construction industry, nothing is more important – or creates more paperwork – than safety issues. For years, Vaughn Industries was manually taking notes of their safety inspections at jobsites, and then entering the data into a database or spreadsheet back at the office. With so many jobsites on the go at one time, the company needed a way to enter safety inspections at the jobsite, on-the-fly and using smartphones and tablets.

Vaughn Industries knew that if they could find a way to enter safety inspection reports immediately into a database without having to handwrite notes or enter into a spreadsheet, they would be able to save time, money, paper, and headaches. The company also hoped that such a solution would lead them to better, more accurate data being collected and no more messy handwriting to have to interpret!

The Solution

Vaughn Industries first heard about Certainty Software Software at the 2016 American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) conference in Atlanta. After seeing an online demo and speaking with several other companies, Vaughn Industries chose Certainty Software for their safety audit management needs. Vaughn Industries was sold on the cost effectiveness of the solution, its flexibility, and the fact that a subscription provides for unlimited users.

With Certainty Software, Vaughn Industries is now able to instantly enter their safety observations at the jobsite using the Certainty Software app for mobile devices. In addition, Certainty Software provides a dashboard, system reports and custom reports to meet Vaughn’s safety management reporting needs. There is no more double-entry of any information. Everything is just entered once and it is done.

The Result

At the end of the day, Vaughn Industries is now able to stay on top of safety audits and issues better, while saving big on labor costs and improving overall workflow.

“The people behind Certainty Software Software always answer your questions, or work to find you a solution. They are genuine, and will tell you what they can and cannot do. They are also flexible and were able to help me make the system work for our particular situation.”

Jason Zimmerman, Vaughn Industries Safety Coordinator

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