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Huntsman Corporation

Mobile and WorkPlace Inspections

With $10 billion in revenue (2016), Huntsman Corporation is one of the world’s largest chemical companies and is a global manufacturer of common chemicals people use every day. The company serves a diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets, including the transportation, home life, construction, energy, fuels, and clothing industries. Huntsman chemical has four divisions, operates in more than 30 countries, and employees approximately 10,000 associates.

The Challenge

Huntsman has experienced rapid growth in recent years and with this success has come to the challenge for management to maintain visibility in the workplace. This visibility has to involve interactions with individuals so that they are reassured that work practices in the workplace meet expectations. Until recently, managers and supervisors were not required to record workplace safety interaction forms, so detailed records of these interactions were not available.

Huntsman chemical needed a way to manage the data collection and performance reporting and confidently manage corrective actions identified to prevent an injury or incident. Additionally, senior management needed more transparency and a clearer view of who was carrying out safety inspections. The Huntsman team also needed to not only record the details and outcome of such events but also provide feedback to individuals after workplace interactions. Such feedback helps employees feel valued, ensures the same situation is not repeated and reduces risk and cost.

Before choosing Certainty Software, Huntsman’s safety interactions lacked accountability and visibility. It is well known that an enormous amount of time and countless dollars are spent annually dealing with incidents that could have been prevented if timely and transparent feedback had been available.

The Solution & Result

Knowing that Huntsman had to find a way to make it easier for supervisors and managers to take detailed records of workplace Interactions incidents, they decided to explore their options. Ultimately, the company wanted to improve performance with real time visibility and accountability across their business and began looking for a mobile inspection software solution to manage workplace inspections. After finding Certainty Software Software online, and seeing how the software could easily work for them, Huntsman looked no further, and were most impressed with Certainty Software’s simple approach to digitally collecting, reporting, and managing data.

With Certainty Software Software, Huntsman has improved line management involvement and visibility, which also means that people carrying out tasks are seeing the managers and supervisors out in the workplace regularly giving reassurance that it meets management’s expectations and standards. Overall, there is more transparency and convenience with this new workflow.

Additionally, Certainty Software provides a simple platform for Huntsman supervisors to manage KPIs, provide feedback after interactions, and have a real-time and reliable source of information for month end management reviews. Certainty Software is a one-stop shop for busy safety professionals on-the-go!

Huntsman Corporation is now seeing greater consistency in what is reported, and is experiencing much less of the dreaded “end of the month” syndrome, which sees everyone scrambling to get their paperwork submitted. With workplace interactions being entered digitally as they occur, there is less of a bottleneck at the end of the month where everything must be submitted and done in a day.

This results in a smoother workflow, reduces overhead, improves performance, and benefits the bottom line.

Case study

“Certainty Software keeps things simple, which makes the entire product and process so easy to work with. The team behind Certainty Software is professional, reliable, and friendly. They are also patient and understanding, and always makes the time to assist us.”

John Peoples
Behavioral Safety Team Leader

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