Georgia Pacific – Saves 2500 Hours per Plant Annually with Certainty Software

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The Client

Georgia-Pacific is an American pulp and paper company based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of tissue, pulp, paper, toilet and paper towel dispensers, packaging, building products and related chemicals.

As of Fall 2010, the company employed more than 40,000 people at more than 300 locations in North America, South America, and Europe. It is an independently operated and managed company of Koch Industries.

The Challenge

At Georgia Pacific-Gurdon, we report weekly plant safety audit results by department and it is the responsibility of Safety Supervisors to collect and report this critical information. Prior to using Certainty our Safety Supervisors wasted a great deal of time tracking people down to get their safety audit results and then spent at least 8 hours a week collating and rolling up their safety audit reports. This process of data collection, collation and reporting was hugely time consuming, an ongoing challenge, and a weekly headache.

Safety Supervisors spent at least 8 hours a week collating and rolling up their safety audit reports.

The Solution

One of our division safety leaders introduced us to Certainty after meeting the Certainty Software team at a safety tradeshow. He liked the solution and was impressed with the cost. At the time, some of our plants were using other auditing software solutions and the feedback on these solutions was OK but to me there was no comparison to Certainty on cost and user-friendliness. Cost and ease of use made Certainty the clear winner for us.

Getting started with Certainty was quick and easy and the team at Certainty Software provided us with detailed instructions on how to use Certainty and offered phone, web conference, and email support when needed. We simply forwarded these instructions to our guys for them to access Certainty. The process was easy and seamless.

Since we began using Certainty, the time involved in safety audit data collection and reporting has been minimized significantly…

The Result

We now use Certainty to collect, manage and report the data from over 200 safety audits per week at our facility. Our Leadership Teams can now manage these audits quickly and efficiently and using Certainty has meant that safety audit information can be reported instantly which has improved the efficiency and timeliness of safety management at our facility.

Since we began using Certainty, the time involved in safety audit data collection and reporting has been minimized significantly and because the Certainty Software team helped us get our reports just right, we can give individual managers and supervisors feedback immediately. Certainty reports also allow us to give very specific feedback relevant to the quality of each person’s audit. We can now give our team weekly safety metrics; report safety audits scores across the plant; report the number of audits by Leader and show department totals as part of the plant totals.

When you add management and safety time together, I would say Certainty easily saves us 50 or more manhours a week at my facility (that’s about $50,000 per year) at my facility and because Certainty is so easy to use, we regularly keep safety audit participation at 100%.

The Certainty team has been very responsive to our needs. I normally send an email with my issue and the team quickly responds with the solution. The team is great group to work with (and, they even have cool accents!). Certainty is effective, cost-efficient, and easy!

"Cost, ease of use, and a sense that the team at Certainty are on your team are the main reasons, I have recommended Certainty to my peers."

Tonya Nix, Safety Manager Gurdon Plywood, Georgia Pacific

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