ESG Assessments for Companies & Supply Chains

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) is rapidly becoming the benchmark against which stakeholders (investors, employees, communities, and customers) evaluate a company, their operations and their supply chains. Favorable ESG ratings signal a company’s commitment to reducing environmental, social and governance risks to their stakeholders by reducing the ESG impacts of their operations and those of their suppliers.

ESG assessment and ESG reporting software to assess your ESG impact – both positive and negative – is the starting point for quantifying your ESG performance and the basis for implementing and maintaining ESG programs that reduce overall risk in your business and supply chains  by improving environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

The Certainty platform provides all you need to assess and report your ESG performance and define and manage the actions needed to reduce ESG risk and monitor performance improvement over time.ESG Software


Used by hundreds of thousands to conduct millions of audits, inspections and assessments annually!

Why people choose ESG software from Certainty

Deploy instantly across your business and entire supply chain

A web based solution that allows you to rapidly deploy an ESG platform across your entire supplier base.

Create your own ESG checklists or use one of ours

Create your own ESG checklists for your company and your suppliers. From internal ESG assessments to ESG checklists for your suppliers, create ESG checklists to meet your needs.

Allow self assessments by business divisions and suppliers

Allow business units and suppliers to conduct their own ESG self assessments and include photos, images and documents to support their results.

Conduct technical reviews, verify ESG self assessments results & identify issues on line

Now your corporate ESG team can review and verify business unit and supplier ESG self assessments and supporting information online and in real time.

Identify ESG issues & assign & monitor corrective actions

Easily identify ESG issues with your suppliers and assign and track corrective actions across your entire supply chain.

All you need to track, measure & ensure ESG performance across your business & supply chain

Consistent, comparable and meaningful ESG reporting across your business and supply chain

Dashboards, analytics and Microsoft PowerBI reporting to provide a consistent, comparable ESG assessment and performance data across your business and its entire supply chain.

Schedule and manage ESG assessments across your business and supply chain

Schedule internal ESG assessments and ESG supplier self assessments; review and verify results for your business and your suppliers.

Easily assess & manage ESG performance at scale

Enterprise-level platform to easily manage ESG assessments, corrective actions and ongoing performance – at scale.

On and offline data capture

Allows for on and offline data capture ensuring your teams and suppliers can assess ESG performance where ever they are.

A secure, flexible and scalable enterprise-level solution for managing complex businesses and global supply chains

Multilingual, Single Sign On (SSO) enabled, data integration and OData feeds for custom reporting and to manage an international business and a global supply chain.

What our clients use Certainty for:

60 Seconds For Safety Inspections
Back of House Inspections
Autonomous Maintenance Defect Reporting
BBO Observations
BBS Observations
Behavioral Based Safety Observations
Behavioral Safety Observations
Café Health & Safety Inspection
Centerline Inspections
Chain Hoist Inspections
CIL Inspections
Cleaning Inspection & Lubrication (CIL) Inspection
Competency Assessments
Continuous Improvement Benchmarks
Contractor Observations
COVID Outbreak Management Checklists
COVID Preparedness Checklists
COVID Sanitation Audits
COVID Store Re-opening Checklists
Customer Experience Checklist
Customer Service Delivery Evaluation
Daily Equipment Calibration Records
Daily Facility Inspections
Daily GEMBA Walks
Daily Security Checks - Store Closure
Data Privacy Audits
EHS Observations
Electrical Safety Inspections
Emergency Response Planning Inspections
Employee Interaction - Safety Evaluations
Energy Isolation Audits
Equipment Inspections
Equipment Maintenance Checklists
Ergonomics Assessments
ESG Assessments
External QA Audits
Facility Inspections
Facility Safety Inspections
Fall Protection Inspections
Final Product Quality Audits
Final Quality Audits
Fire Extinguisher Inspections
Floor Audits - Presses
Food Safety Inspections
Forklift Safety Checklists
Gas Hazardous Work & Breathing Air Checklists
GMP Audits
GMP Health & Safety Inspections
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Inspections
HACCP Audits
Hand Safety Observations
Hand Safety, Sharps, Face Shield Audits
Hazard Identification Inspections
Hazardous Waste Inspections
Heat Illness Inspections
Housekeeping Checklists
Hygiene Inspections
Incident Report Forms
Incident Investigations
Internal QA Audits
Inventory Count Checklists
ISO 9001 Audits
ISO 14001 Audits
ISO 45001 Audits
Issue Monitoring Questionnaires
Joint Health & Safety Committee Store Inspections
Layered Audits
Lean Process Audits
Lifting & Rigging Checklists
Lock Out Tag Out LOTO
Loss Prevention Daily Audits
Loss Prevention Investigations
Loss Prevention Manager Audits
Loss Prevention Security Check Audits
Loss Prevention Stockrooms Audits
LOTO Work Process Checks
LPA Work Station Shift Summaries
Machine & Equipment Inspections
Machine Guarding Inspections
Material Handling Protocol Checklists
Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Checklists
Mobile Equipment Inspections
Monthly Safety Inspections
Motor Vehicle Safety Checklists
Near Miss Checklists
Near Miss Reporting Checklists
Near Miss Investigations
Notice to Proceed Checklists
OHSAS 18001 Audits
OSHA 300 - Log of Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses
OSHA 301 - Injuries & Illnesses Incident Report Checklists
OSHA Incident - Accident Investigation
Packing Cleaning & Inspection Check Sheets
Packing - Multipack Cleaning & Inspections
Permits to Work
Poka Yoke Checks
PPE Inspections
Process Control Audits
Process Control Inspections
Process Safety Inspections
Production Line Inspections
Product QA Audits
QA - QC Process Audits
Quality Assurance Process Audits
Quality Process Audits
Quick Risk Predictions (QRPs)
Return Department Monitoring Questionnaires
Risk Assessments
Risk / Incident Identification Reports
Safety & Environmental Audits
Safety Audits
Safety Committee Inspections
Safety Interactions
Safety Observations
Service Delivery QC Checklists
Site Safety Audits
Store Closure Checklists
Store Opening Checklists
Store Safety Check Ups
Supplier Audits
Supply Chain Compliance Audits
Supplier Compliance Audits
Temperature Control Record Sheets
Third Party Logistics Audits
TPM Audits
Total Process Management Audits
Vehicle / Tractor Inspections
Walking & Working Surfaces Inspections
Waste Management Audits
Weekly Production Scale Calibrations
Wire Rope Overhead Crane Inspections
Working at Heights Inspections
Work safety Inspections

What people are saying ...


“We save an enormous amount of time and have improved efficiency with access to any metric almost instantly. The time savings and value of the accessible data are huge.”

Anning Johnson logo

Carol Flynn, Risk Manager
Anning Johnson

“Certainty provides a simple platform for our supervisors to manage KPIs, provide feedback after safety observations, and have a real-time and reliable source of information for month end management reviews. Certainty Software is a one-stop shop for busy safety professionals on-the-go!.”

John Peoples, Global EHS Manager
Huntsman Corporation

“Great Software! I work with Certainty Software Software everyday, It helps me to get reports faster than counting one by one. I love their graphs, because you can get them instantaneous, also you can save them and they will be update the next time you needed”.Mondelez

Tatiana Ulin, EHS Specialist
Mondelez International

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