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Easily collect EHS audit & inspection details. Make better decisions with real-time alerts & analytics.


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      Check All Un-Check All Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) ObservationConfined Space Hot Work Permit ChecklistConfined Space Identification & Hazard EvaluationCOVID-19 Crisis - Pandemic Outbreak Management & Response InspectionCOVID-19 Crisis - Pandemic Preparedness Checklist for BusinessCOVID-19 Re-opening Checklist for BusinessFacility Safety InspectionFire Extinguisher InspectionFire Risk AssessmentGood Manufacturing Practices (GMP) AuditHazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Safety InspectionISO 14001 EMS AuditISO 9001: 2015 QMS AuditJobsite Safety InspectionLifting & Lowering Ergonomic AssessmentNear Miss ChecklistNear Miss InvestigationOffice Health & Safety InspectionOSHA 300 Log of Work-Related Injuries & IllnessesOSHA 301 Injuries & Illnesses Incident Report ChecklistOSHA Incident - Accident InvestigationPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) AssessmentSafety Shower InspectionSelf-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) InspectionVehicle InspectionWarehouse Safety Inspection

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      Used by 1000's to complete over 2,000,000 audits & inspections annually

      Why people choose Certainty

      Works the way you do

      Easily collect EHS audit & inspection info from any location. Laptop, phone, tablet, online, offline & even paper-only environments.

      A single view of your entire organization

      Manage EHS audits, inspections, issues, non-compliance & corrective actions – all in one place!

      Learn faster & respond quicker

      Capture & report EHS audit & inspection results in real time!

      Consistency is key!

      Ensure EHS audits & inspections are being conducted against the same procedures, compliance requirements & checklists company-wide.

      Easily find the trouble spots

      Easily identify key risks, issues & trends at one location or across the globe. Spend time solving issues, not looking for them.

      All you need to track, measure & improve EHS performance

      Multiple data entry options

      Collect EHS audit & inspection data with the Certainty app, browser, Excel® & even paper using scan-to-email.

      Dashboard reports, metrics & notifications

      Dashboard metrics, automated notifications & corrective actions to ensure that all EHS issues, risks & non compliance identified are managed easily, efficiently & to resolution.

      Instantly report EHS audit & inspection activity & results

      Dashboards, reports & metrics to track all environmental, health & safety audits & inspections to monitor results in real time.

      Checklist management for consistency & comparability

      Easily manage the creation, editing & distribution of your EHS audits & inspections to ensure performance is measured against the same procedures & standards across your business.

      Reporting tools to prioritize your improvement efforts

      Dashboards & metrics that highlight key EHS risks, issues & trends to  prioritize compliance management & environmental, health & safety performance improvement initiatives.

      What our clients use Certainty for:

      BBS Behavior Based Safety Observations
      BBS Observations
      Chain Hoist Inspections
      Competency Assessments
      Confined Space Entry Inspections
      Contractor Evaluations
      COVID Facility Re-opening Checklists
      COVID Outbreak Management Checklists
      COVID Preparedness Checklists
      COVID Sanitation Audits
      COVID Store Re-opening Checklists
      Daily Equipment Calibration Records
      Daily Facility Inspections
      EHS Audits
      EHS Observations
      Emergency Evacuation and Egress Checklists
      Ergonomics Assessments
      Facility EHS Inspections
      Fall Protection Inspections
      Fire Extinguisher Inspections
      Forklift Safety Checks
      Food Safety Inspections
      Gas Hazardous Work & Breathing Air Checks
      Hazardous Waste Inspections
      Health & Safety Committee Inspections
      Hot Work Checklists
      Hygiene Inspections
      Incident Forms
      Incident Investigations
      ISO 9001 Audits
      ISO 14001 Audits
      ISO 45001 Audits
      Isolation of Hazardous Energy Checks
      Job Site Safety Inspections
      Joint Health & Safety Committee Inspections
      Ladder Inspections
      Lifting & Rigging Inspections
      Lock Out Tag Out LOTO Inspections
      Machine & Equipment Inspections
      Machine Guarding Inspections
      Material Handling Checks
      Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Checks
      Mobile Equipment Inspections
      Motor Vehicle Safety Checklists
      Near Miss Investigations
      Near Miss Reports
      OHSAS Audits
      OSHA 300 - Logs of Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses
      OSHA 301 - Injuries & Illnesses Incident Reports
      OSHA Incident - Accident Investigations
      Permits to Work
      PPE Inspections
      Risk / Incident Identification Reports
      Safety & Environmental Audits
      Safety Audits
      Safety Interactions
      Safety Observations
      Site Safety Audits
      Start Work Checklists
      Supplier Audits
      Supply Chain Audits
      Supplier Compliance Audits
      Walking & Working Surfaces Inspections
      Wire Rope Overhead Crane Inspections
      Working at Heights Inspections

      What people are saying ...


      “Certainty provides a simple platform for our supervisors to manage KPIs, provide feedback after safety observations, and have a real-time and reliable source of information for month end management reviews. Certainty Software is a one-stop shop for busy safety professionals on-the-go!.” 

      Huntsman Corporation

      John Peoples, Global EHS Manager
      Huntsman Corporation

      “Certainty easily saves us 50 or more manhours a week at my facility (that’s about $50,000 per year) at my facility and because Certainty is so easy to use, we regularly keep safety audit participation at 100%.”

      Tonya Nix, Safety Manager Gurdon Plywood
      Georgia Pacific

      “Certainty provides a true platform where we can ensure all the standards created are tracked, followed and reported on a regular basis to create accountability across Delaware North.” Delaware North Company


      Therrin Protze, Chief Operating Officer
      Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for Delaware North Company

      Improve environmental, health & safety performance - with Certainty!



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