Wherever you go, whatever you do, someone nearby is probably using a checklist. Whether its a personal to-do list at home, a safety inspection at the jobsite or quality control inspections in the workplace, checklists remain an essential part of getting things done, and getting things done properly, safely and effectively.

Although the tools we use for checklists may have changed over the years – most of us have moved from writing things down on paper to using tablets and smartphones or even speaking directly into our phones – the need for checklists hasn’t changed. In fact, with the complexities of modern-day life at home and in the workplace, checklists have become more essential than ever.

So, why do people use checklists so much? Well, it’s simple – because they work and checklists have been shown to:

  • Be motivational;
  • Reduce stress;
  • Improve focus, creativity and personal performances;
  • Reduce complexity and human error; and;
  • Improve overall business performance.


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