Amego Inc.

Quality Assurance Site Review Audits

As a non-profit organization that supports people with autism and other developmental disabilities throughout their lives, Amego, Inc. is committed to enhancing the quality of life of every individual. Founded in 1971, Amego Inc. has grown to serve over 600 individuals and families across Massachusetts and Florida.

Through Amego Inc.’s offerings such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, the Diagnostic and Assessment Center, the Amego School, and professional development and training, Amego Inc. is on a mission to improve the lives of individuals impacted by autism and other developmental disabilities by providing care, support, and lifelong learning. 

The Challenge

Before using Certainty, QA auditors at Amego, Inc. were burdened by a laborious audit procedure that involved completing paper-based checklists on-site and manually typing the results into an Excel template once they returned to the office. This time-consuming process resulted in an unnecessary 8-hour rework in their QA audit process. From the auditors having to re-enter their audit results into Excel to the managers’ task of reviewing, editing, and formatting the reports, Amego was constantly hindered by their inefficient audit processes.

Having experienced significant growth in recent years, Amego, Inc.’s Quality Assurance (QA) Department realized that its system could not handle maintaining site audit reviews at over 90 locations. Recognizing that relying on paper-based checklists to evaluate more than 400 data points at each site would hinder their ability to gather valuable information and promptly implement necessary improvements, Amego urgently sought a solution to address this challenge.

The Solution & Result

The creation of Amego Inc.’s new digital checklists immediately eliminated the step of having to re-enter the information from the paper checklist to the electronic template, saving unnecessary rework. Through using Certainty’s conditional question logic, Amego Inc. had overcome a major hurdle of complexity in their QA Department and have now simplified navigating some of the organization’s more intricate rated questions.

Including checklist tooltips and descriptions where Amego could provide more information to its auditors about state licensing requirements, quality standards, and industry best practices better supported its auditors in their decision-making process during evaluations. Certainty aided in ensuring the most accurate and consistent results across auditors.

Amego Inc. utilized Certainty to generate a custom action plan where the organization’s field managers found simpler to follow than their previous template. Through this new custom action plan, Amego Inc. could now break each corrective action into a distinct task with clear guidance on what needs to be done to correct the deficient findings.

Relying on Certainty’s OData feed, Amego now had the opportunity to create custom dashboards to monitor its progress towards completing audit schedules and analyzing trends across Amego Inc.’s programs.

Certainty gave Amego Inc.’s Quality Assurance team the ability to shorten their site reviews by 8 hours per review as well as reduce their audit cycle down to just 6 months. Amazingly, the audit team saw massive improvements in action plans being completions with a roughly 90% completion rate for over 4,500 actions generated in just their first cycle alone. Where action plans used to take multiple days to deploy, Amego Inc. is now able to send action plans out by the next business day following the site review.

To make things interesting, Amego Inc.’s Program Managers have even developed a healthy competition amongst each other with the new process, comparing scores on their audits. Amego Inc. is currently 25% through its second round of site reviews and is finding that several programs have measurably improved from the first round.

Amego Inc. has already began expanding the use of Certainty to other divisions in their organization beyond Quality Assurance. The organization’s goal is to build upon our success with their Quality Assurance audits with Certainty to help make gains in ensuring compliance to safety regulatory standards.

“Certainty has given our small Quality Assurance team the ability to conduct frequent site reviews of our programs, bringing our audit cycle down to 6 months for all of our programs. We’ve seen huge gains in action plans being completed as well with a roughly 90% completion rate with the 4,535 actions we generated in the first cycle.”

Marc Fernandes
Vice President of Quality Assurance & Training

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