Kellogg – Improves Supply Chain Compliance and Sustainability with Certainty Software


The Client

Kellogg is a $14 billion company and is the world’s largest cereal company, the second largest producer of crackers and savory snacks, and a leading North American frozen foods company. In total, Kellogg produces more than 1,600 types of foods, works with dozens of suppliers, and is involved in several charities.

The Challenge

A few years ago, Kellogg designed a web-based questionnaire called the Kellogg Grower Survey to help manage compliance and sustainability in their supply chain. Farmers and suppliers were to input their survey answers online, and Kellogg had hoped to manage the collected information easily and in real time. However, it soon become clear that their solution needed to be mobile-friendly, more flexible, scalable and with better reporting functionality.

With more than 70 suppliers and 1,200+ surveys to be completed and reviewed each year, it was essential for Kellogg to have an easy online portal to manage compliance and sustainability in their supply chain and quickly and easily be able to edit surveys that were submitted with missing or incorrect data.

The Solution

At the same time the Kellogg Sustainability Team was developing their Kellogg Grower Survey, Certainty Software Software was being used by Kellogg’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) division. When the Sustainability Team realized that Certainty Software would meet their needs, they worked with the Certainty Software Team to configure Certainty Software for the Kellogg Grower Survey.

The Result

Certainty Software’s Certainty Software solution to Kellogg’s supply chain survey challenges continues to save them significant amounts of time. The ability to quickly modify, review and edit survey checklists saves countless employee hours, and can be done on-the-fly.

Continuous improvements to the software based on user feedback steadily streamlines the process even more for everyone involved. Now a year’s survey’s results can be analyzed in just a few hours rather than several days.

“Certainty Software Software project leaders were always willing to dive into an issue or explore new options with the tool to solve a request from Kellogg. The Certainty Software Team has been an asset not only through the platform and improvements, but through the relationship and customer service provided to Kellogg. When we had an issue or request, Ryan and his team worked tirelessly to find a way to achieve it.”

Mary Tate, Global Sustainability Manager, Kellogg Company

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