Anning Johnson – A Leader in Construction goes Entirely Digital using Certainty Software


The Client

Anning Johnson is a leader in specialty construction projects with offices across major cities in the United States.

In business since 1940, this firm boasts a wide array of construction services from preconstruction to metal decking, to roofing, and more. They have an impressive portfolio of clients including governments and educational institutions.

The Challenge

With multiple office locations to manage (and some of these locations using paper checklists or fillable forms) there wasn’t a way to accurately collect and view job site safety audit data. This was a big challenge, as it made getting up-to-date metrics on the number of checklists performed, who completed them, and which projects had an inspection complete almost impossible.

We had no way of knowing if all offices were following company procedures. A modern solution was sorely needed.

The Solution

To solve our data collections and data entry problems, we set out to find a modern EHS system that would allow us to seamlessly get access to the data we needed – when we needed it.

After vetting four other vendors, we ultimately decided to go with Certainty Software as the cost, and ease-of-use of Certainty stood out over competitors. We especially liked how easy and flexible the system was to set up: each project didn’t require an individual setup with set parameters.

To get Certainty implemented, we first rolled it out to a specific test group. This allowed us to evaluate the system and understand exactly how it worked and how the solution could be best expanded to the whole company. After the first test group was a success, we then onboarded several major offices to collect feedback from our front-line team to see how people picked up and used the system.

After a successful test and limited rollout, positive feedback from the ground team and management started coming in, and the solution was fully implemented across all locations US-wide.

During the implementation process, we especially liked that we had access to a dedicated representative from Certainty who was there to understand our individual needs and assist us with every aspect of implementation – from the software itself to employee training. It is great that we have a relationship with the Certainty team. With other products, you typically work with a call center to resolve any issues.

The Result

After implementing Certainty across all offices, we can now ensure that all projects are being inspected according to policy and procedures. This ensures that industry standards are being met and safety is monitored company wide.

Importantly, we can also now easily identify areas of the business that may need improvement or additional employee training.

Moving from a paper to a digital system not only saved money, but it also saved an enormous amount of time and improved efficiency. With access to any metric almost instantly, the time savings and value of the accessible data are huge.

It is great that we have a relationship with the [Certainty] team. With other products, usually, you may have a call center. We can discuss issues with [Certainty] and have them understand our needs. [Certainty is] flexible, solution driven, and cost effective”.

Carol Flynn, Risk Manager, Anning Johnson.

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