…“They found hundreds of rodent droppings scattered throughout the store…’,

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Well, it may be a stock photo and only an illustration but the inspector in this article’s photo is managing her audit the old fashioned way – surely auditors in the foods sector are using more sophisticated tools these days? (like Certainty Software, funnily enough!). But joking aside, it’s obviously a serious problem – and while we’d like inspectors to be using our product to get a really good management overview across multiple sites – we’d encourage them to use ANY tools to try and make good on this problem.

It’s clear that operators aren’t managing to police themselves either, so there’s obviously an urgent demand to get to grips with the problem. But the use of data management tools (like Certainty Software!) really does slash the cost of inspections and they are extremely affordable – there’s no excuse for doing nothing…doing nothing clearly costs firms as well as the wider economy an awful lot more…

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