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South Africa – Food Safety Systems are only effective with management’s full commitment

The full article on food safety in South Africa can be seen here, but given our interest in South Africa we thought this worth blogging about – Management commitment, reviews, and internal audits are really important to food safety. The auditing process and the review of the results along with data from other sources of information about your effective food safety systems such as customer complaints, non-conformances recently raised, corrective actions, results from laboratory testing, etc.. can be used to identify where the action is required and what to do to ensure that the food produced is safe.

Often there’s a need for improvement, which in turn relates to the fact that resources be they financial or human, need to be allocated to the implementation and maintenance of food safety systems in order for them to remain effective. Management needs to be financially committed to the Food Safety Systems implemented.

Effective Food Safety Systems

In the food industry, we often hear comments such as ‘…does anyone know from experience how we can operate smoothly without spending still more money’ – What the article’s author is saying is, that without spending money there’s no pest control service, no micro-testing, no time for training staff, no records from cleaning contractor and the list goes on…Management commitment is absolutely fundamental. Food safety can’t just be the responsibility of the quality department, it doesn’t work. Effective training is needed across the entire organization. The whole food safety system hinges on effective management at each level in an organization. If top management has the right exposure and training in food safety they’re more likely to be committed to their Food Safety Systems – and THAT will reduce costs.

We know that Certainty Software can’t eliminate the costs of managing Food Safety Systems but it certainly does reduce the cost – we know that and we can prove it. Get in touch and let’s show you how.

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