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You ask, we answer! Yup, here are all the questions we’ve been asked by customers and prospective customers – most often when trying to make a decision about audit/inspection management software. And, here are the answers – because we believe the best decision is an informed one!

How long does it take for the completed audits to get into they system?

With digital checklists (submitted using PC, laptop or the Certainty app) the results of audits and inspections are available online as soon as your auditors ‘save’ their audit (and sync if offline using the app). When submitting paper-based checklists, there can sometimes be a short delay in the digitization process (usually no more than an hour or two) and for data to be available on line. Also, as soon as your completed audit have been saved, you can report on the results and the data is included in your Dashboard graphs and metrics.

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