COVID-19 Re-opening Checklist for Businesses

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Let us help you re-open with this COVID-19 Re-opening Checklist for Businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much of our world to a standstill. Offices, schools, businesses and borders have been closed and our economy has contracted to unprecedented levels.

We have all been affected and we are all desperate to re-open our businesses and re-start the economy. But to do that, each and every business will all need a plan and these plans will need to be flexible, regularly evaluated and changed where needed as we learn, as we adapt and as things slowly go back to a ‘new normal’.

Using a carefully considered procedure (checklist) and regularly assessing (and responding to) your plan will help make sure you have systematically addressed all aspects of re-opening (people, places, process, precautions, etc.) to ensure you:

  • Provide a safe work environment for your employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders;
  • Quickly identify and respond to issues identified during your initial and ongoing checks/assessments;
  • Get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible; and,
  • Put in place the procedures and practices (checks/inspections) to keep your business open moving forward.

To help in this process, we have developed a checklist that we hope will help our clients, colleagues and anyone who needs it during this time.

The COVID-19 Re-opening Checklist for Businesses is a 65-question checklist to help a business prepare for and assess readiness to re-opening after the COVID-19 shut down. This checklist covers Pre-opening Planning; Infection Control Policies & Procedures; General Infection Control Measures; and Infection Control Measures for the Workplace and for Premises Open to the General Public.

Please feel free to download and use, amend or share this checklist if you wish and we of course welcome any feedback or suggestions to help improve this checklist overtime!

Stay safe!

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