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SMETA Checklist

What is a SMETA Checklist?

The SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit Checklist is used by businesses to internally assess their performance – as well as their supplier’s performance, regarding the SMETA 4-Pillars: labor standards, health and safety, environmental assessment, and business ethics.

Certainty Software’s checklist template is useful for businesses in any industry. Whether in the retail industry or in construction, this checklist will offer equally important value. The checklist template can be used to maintain SMETA compliance through regular internal audits or to prepare for a SEDEX certification.

We help make your SMETA inspections a success.

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What’s Included in a SMETA Checklist?

The 111-question SMETA Checklist covers numerous different aspects of business practices. It focuses on:


  • Pollution Prevention
  • Raw Material Management
  • Air Pollution
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Water Management
  • Packaging
  • Training


  • Workplace Management
  • Facility Health and Safety
  • Emergency Management
  • Labor Practices
  • Hours of Work


  • Supplier Management
  • Accountability
  • Remediation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
SMETA Checklist template

How Certainty Improves SMETA Inspections

Using Certainty Software, performing SMETA inspections becomes easier and generates better actionable information. Whether using our checklist templates or creating your own unique forms, Certainty gives its users the freedom and customizability to support every company’s unique inspection and auditing needs.

Reporting checklist findings at an enterprise-wide level can be filtered to your needs by options such as inspection type, users, site, region, question, or answer. Within your configurable dashboard, you can track issues identified, set up automated notifications and actions, and so much more.

How to improve SMETA checklist

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