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The Client

Hall’s Group, a leading player in New Zealand’s food industry, delivers specialist services in all aspects of the transportation, distribution, and storage of food products calling for refrigeration. Over the last 40 years, Hall’s Group has grown to become the country’s most sophisticated specialist refrigerated carrier and has developed a national network of more than 300 trucks and employs more than 700 people nationwide.

The Challenge

Hall’s Group covers a lot of ground, servicing all of New Zealand. Until recently, the Safety Health Environment Leadership Team (SHELT) would meet with their Safety Manager once a month to review daily safety audits by pouring over spreadsheets of the audit data collected.

For such a large company, sifting through piles of paperwork was time consuming, inefficient, and not working effectively. It was simply taking too long for issues to be identified and for corrective actions to be taken. They needed a more effective method of audit data entry, management, and reporting, and needed to manage corrective actions immediately, not at month end.

More specifically, Hall’s Group needed an easier way for the SHELT to perform safety audits and conduct equipment safety audits. They were spending hours on end entering audit data manually into Excel spreadsheets, which prevented them from responding to and closing out corrective actions quickly.

The Solution

After hearing about Certainty Software Software from one of their clients, Hall’s Group implemented Certainty Software for mobile audit management at each of their branches to assist in site safety and equipment audits, reporting, and corrective action management.

Certainty Software is now used by employees, managers, and executives across the business. Employees now enter their safety observations on-the-fly using the Certainty Software app for tablets and smartphones as they perform safety checks on equipment, vehicles, and the refrigerated goods they are transporting.

This streamlined, digital solution saves them substantial time as they no longer need to go back to the office to enter safety data into spreadsheets from handwritten notes. Plus, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. In addition to being a time-saver, using Certainty Software reduces the occurrence of human error during data entry.

The Result

With Certainty Software Software in place at Hall’s Group, corrective actions are being closed out a lot sooner, helping to prevent work-related accidents and incidences. For example, during one recent inspection, it was discovered that there were some missing certifications for a vehicle, which Hall’s managed to correct in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

With food safety being at the heart of what they do, Hall’s has in place a long, extensive audit program, covering food quality safety, vehicle checks, and more.

In terms of health and safety on jobsites in New Zealand overall, Deborah Pitout, National Health & Safety Manager at Hall’s Group, knows that Certainty Software is helping the country catch u

“Certainty Software Software has been working great for our team. Their solutions are so simple to implement. We are really happy with it so far, especially the level of customer service received from the Certainty Software Team. Whenever we’ve needed something done, it’s done right away, even though we are in different time zones. The Certainty Software Team makes sure things are done right away; they are always there.”

Deborah Pitout, National Health & Safety Manager at Hall’s Group

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